Drivers baffled by 'tiniest NCP car park in UK' with just four spaces

‘That’s smaller than my nan’s garden shed!’ Drivers baffled by ‘tiniest NCP car park in the UK’ with just four spaces charging 95p an hour

  • The tiny car Southampton car park boasts four car parking spots in total
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A small private car park set up on a Southampton drive has left motorists baffled by its minute size.

Leaving your car in the four-space car park will set you by 95p of an hour and £5.95 if you are staying for upwards of three hours.

The gravel car park sits next to a mock Tudor house at the end of Water Lane, leading onto a dual carriage way.

It is also near various attractions in the city, including Southampton City Art Gallery, SeaCity Museum, according to NCP.

The car park divided by a small fence, has been branded an ‘eyesore’, with others taking to Reddit to bash the small parking area.

Motorists have hit out at the small NCP car park located in Southampton (pictured) on Reddit. It costs 95p to park in the space for an hour

One motorist quipped: ‘Only 4 spots? Bloody hell, that’s smaller than my nan’s garden shed. 

‘And 95p an hour? Might as well just park on the bloody street for free.’ 

There was also uproar regarding the signage of the car park next to the Polygon, with a person writing: ‘The amount of signage used for two parking spots is ridiculous’

Another jibbed: ‘They could make it a bit easier to spot, maybe put up a sign or something.’

Some were baffled how four vehicles could even fit in the car park, stating: ‘How the f**k is that for 4 cars? How do the back ones get out? 

Others defended the car park, saying it was ‘not badly priced’, whilst a user chimed in: ’95p an hour is actually remarkably cheap for parking in that area. 

‘I’d happily pay 95p an hour to park there to visit the theatre that’s like a 5 min walk from there.’

One driver said they would rather take a chance on the tiny car park then leave their car in a parking area nearby.

The small parking area is near to various attractions in the city including Southampton City Art Gallery, SeaCity Museum. The NCP car park has been put in place on next to The Polygon in the months following May 2023 (pictured right: May 2023. pictured left: after May 2023)

They continued: ‘You enter the lottery if your windows are still intact when you come back, worse than getting clamped.’

A curious driver was pondering about setting up his own NCP car park in his drive.

MailOnline has approached NCP for comment. 

This comes after a parking war in the Garden of England turned nasty, as a long-standing battle between locals and school-run parents led to threats of violence. 

The ongoing dispute over 29 parking spaces outside a village hall in Wingham, Kent, descended into threats of violence, verbal abuse and allegations of endangering children.

Village shopkeeper Lauren Senior told MailOnline: ‘It’s got really nasty!

‘People have been shouting and screaming at each other over those parking spaces.’

Trever, who is a resident and retired policeman said: ‘This guy parked on my driveway then he threatened to fight me when I challenged him.’

Drivers flooded the comments, furious about car park which only boasts four spaces, one said it was smaller than his ‘nan’s garden shed’

‘Another driver knocked my wall down when they turned around. It’s unbelievable.’

Mother-of-two Stacie Garcide, 36, said: ‘I can’t walk to school. We don’t have a zebra crossing on the main road that’s busy day and night.

‘There is no other safe access. I always get there early and park respectfully. I don’t understand the issue.’

Members of Wingham Parish Council declined to comment on the parking row when contacted by MailOnline by phone and email. 

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