Dog’s ‘walk of shame’ after being ‘snitched on’ by other pet has viewers howling

A viral video has captured the moment a Dobermann did a "walk of shame" after it knocked down a plant pot and was "snitched" on by another dog.

The clip, which has gained more than 4,200 upvotes on the subreddit r/guiltydogs, shows a woman confronting one of her dogs.

"Zia, was it you? Did you knock her down?" she asked but the dog whined and looked the other way before yelping like she was trying to tell her something.

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The owner then turned the camera to film a very guilty-looking Doberman walking slowly behind the sofa.

It kept its head down and putting one foot in front of the other like he was trying to go unnoticed.

Filming past the plant pot that had gotten soil all over the floors, the owner asked: "Storm did you knock the plant down?"

But the pet didn't make a sound and just continued trying to creep away from the scene.

The video was later shared online with the caption: "Walk of shame."

Reddit viewers were left in hysterics over the clip as they called out the first dog for "snitching" on the other.

One user said: "Snitches get scritches!"

Another added: "Zia is a narc and I love her."

A third commented: "If I walk slow enough, maybe they won't see me."

"I love that her friend totally sold her out," a fourth wrote.

The news comes after an adorable video of a golden retriever has made hearts melt after it was heard making a 'happy noise' while being stroked by its owner.

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The viral clip, which has gained more than 440 upvotes on the subreddit r/goldenretrievers, shows the dog lying on the couch with its owner petting them.

The pooch then starts making an adorable sound much like snoring, despite the animal being wide awake.

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