Do you know what's cool? Top 100 brands loved by children revealed

So you think you know what’s cool? Top 100 brands favoured by children are revealed with Netflix, YouTube and McDonald’s leading the way – and a few surprising entries you may not have expected

  • Lego, Spotify and TikTok all found places in the top 100, as did Greggs 

The top 100 coolest brands favoured by children have been revealed with Netflix, YouTube and McDonald’s leading the way – joined by rather surprising entries.

Lego, Spotify and TikTok all found places in the top 100, with some less expected brands such as Greggs, Oreo and The North Face also making appearances.

The list, compiled by Beano Brain, the consultancy wing of the comics firm, is the second edition and has seen many new entries which has shaken up last year’s results.

Researchers spent a year speaking to 120,000 UK children aged 7-14, or Gen Alpha, as well as observing the clothes they wore and brands they used, before compiling the final list.

But in a blow to British companies, no UK firm featured in the top 30 with Harry Potter featuring as the first UK entry at 32. 

Netflix is the coolest brand for 7-14 year-olds, the research found

This was followed by Greggs, which entered the list for the first time at 34, Sports Direct at 40 and JD Sports at 47. 

The BBC has fallen 28 places in the cool league tables despite its efforts to pull in younger audiences, the largest drop of any company.

It is now just the 71st coolest brand among those aged 7-14 in a list in which no British brand made the top ten. 

Just scraping into the top 100 were Home Bargains, Under Armour, Oculus, Shein and Wagamama. 

Overall, almost 30 percent of the list is made up of food and drink brands, 26 percent retail and 23 percent gaming. 

Helenor Gilmour, Director of Insight, Beano Brain, said: ‘Netflix reigns supreme as the king of the streaming services. Its ever-changing catalogue means kids feel it’s impossible to tire of the streaming platform.

‘There is something for everyone and every mood and it opens a door for kids to explore the world beyond their doorstep. 

‘They can discover captivating content from across the globe and feed their desire for darker themes with shows like the hugely popular Wednesday and Stranger Things series, which provided universal thrills for kids and adults alike, with a feel-good side of nostalgia for the latter.’

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She continued: ‘Kids love brands with salience and a clear proposition. It’s why Nike (Just Do It!) is cooler than Adidas and why Pringles, with their mouth-pleasing texture and shape are cooler than Walkers.

‘Kids love a sense of occasion from Apple releases to the ritual of Oreo dunking and they love sharing these with their families. 

‘Brands that are there at key life moments will rank highly for cool. McDonalds scored well for their FIFA World Cup promotions and Fun Football Centres while Nike is King when it’s back to school.

‘Gen Alphas are the original YouTube generation raised on influencer collaborations, and so their discovery and loyalty are often driven by collaborations such as Nike Chunky Dunkys in collaboration with Ben & Jerry’s.

‘And let’s not forget, Gen Alpha are still finding their way and shaping their own opinions, and they really get behind brands that are brave such as Disney tackling puberty in the movie Red or championing diversity in the live action Little Mermaid.’

Top 100 coolest brands 2023 

1. Netflix

2. YouTube

3. McDonald’s

4. Nike

5. Oreo

6. Nintendo

7. Pringles

8. Disney

9. Roblox

10. Coca Cola

11. Apple

12. Amazon

13. Lego

14. Skittles

15. Doritos

16. Adidas

17. KFC

18. Pepsi

19. Google

10. Spotify

21. Tiktok

22. Jumpman

23. Pizza Hut

24. Domino’s

25. Doritos

26. Playstation

27. Xbox

28. Minecraft

29. Cadbury

30. WhatsApp

31. Haribo

32. Harry Potter

33. M&Ms

34. Greggs

35. Starbucks

36. Burger King

37. Snapchat

38. Smyths

39. Sour Patch

40. Sports Direct

41. Dunkin Donuts

42. Sprite

43. Fifa

44. JD Sports

45. Tesco

46. Primark

47. Squishmallows

48. Kinder

49. Nerf

50. Costa Coffee

51. Monopoly

52. Marvel

53. Game

54. Epic Games

55. Instagram

56. Pokemon

57. Nando’s

58. Star Wars

59. Puma

60. Snickers

61. Fortnite

62. Asda

63. H&M

64. Ikea

65. Smiggle

66. Microsoft 

67. Sainsbury’s

68. Argos

69. Next

70. Walkers

71. BBC

72. Mojang

73. Animal Crossing

74. EA

75. WH Smith

76. The North Face

77. Five Guys

78. Fitbit

79. Jolly Rancher

80. Hot Wheels

81. Ebay

82. Prime

83. River Island

84. Crocs

85. Lidl

86. Pinterest

87. Rocket League

88. New Look

89. Converse

90. Aldi

91. Claire’s

92. B&M

93. ZARA

94. Mini Brankds!

95. The Entertainer

96. Home Bargains

97. Under Armour

98. Oculus

99. Shein

100. Wagamama 

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