Disgusting moment a man takes his socks and shoes off on a train

Disgusting moment a man takes his socks and shoes to spread out on a train in front of shocked commuters: ‘What the hell happened to public transport etiquette?’

  • A Sydney train commuter has been captured putting his bare feet up on a seat
  • He takes his shoes and socks off as he puts his feet up and then pats his sock 
  • The unusual and gross behaviour was caught on camera and shared to TikTok

A Sydney train commuter has been slammed after he was caught taking his shoes and socks off before putting his bare feet on a the seat opposite him.

A video of the man’s unusual behaviour was uploaded on TikTok on Sunday evening.

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A commuter on a Sydney train has been caught on camera taking his shoes and socks off and laying his bare feet on the seat in front

The commuter is seen in the video taking off his boots and inspecting the soles of his shoes.

He then lays his feet on the seat in front of him before taking his socks off and laying his bare feet on the seat opposite him.

Putting your feet on seats on NSW trains is a finable offence. It can amount to a $1,100 fine if the perpetrator is caught.

The man carefully inspects his socks as the woman cuts the video to herself laughing.

The man then begins strangely patting his sock. His disgusting act was recorded by another commuter and uploaded to TikTok

She then cuts back to the man who proceeds to pick up one of his socks and inspects it closely.

He strangely begins patting the sock. 

The woman wrote in the TikTok post description: ‘Lmao (laugh my arse off), I’m shook.’

The video has clocked in more than 42,000 views.  

Aussie unleashes about the disgusting and annoying habits that Sydney train passengers need to stop doing NOW: ‘What the hell happened to public transport etiquette?’ 

Sydney commuters have revealed the most annoying habits from other passengers on public transport – with one claiming they once saw someone clip their nails mid-ride.

With millions of Sydneysiders using public transport everyday, one fed-up resident has questioned where the ‘etiquette’ from those using trains and buses has gone.

Dozens of others chimed in revealing their biggest gripes from passengers, including those who listen to music out loud, rubbish being left behind and those who simply refuse to make way for commuters leaving the carriage.

‘What the hell happened to Sydney public transport etiquette?’ the Reddit user posted.

Sydney commuters have revealed the most annoying habits from other passengers on public transport such as people not letting others get off the train before getting on (pictured commuters in Sydney)

‘Like EVERY SINGLE DAMN TRIP, there is always someone standing in front of the door and then just walk right into the train the moment the door opens. 

‘And don’t get me started with people walking on the right but expecting you to get out of their way, standing on the right side of the escalator but then getting annoyed when asked to move so people can overtake.’

The post immediately sparked a huge debate on what was considered appropriate behaviour on public transport.

‘What I hate more though is the rubbish, people can’t take it with them when they get off, or dirty seats cause idiots put muddy boots on seat,’ another said.

‘Followed by the people on YouTube with volume on or long phone calls so everyone can hear for one hour.’

‘I witnessed someone purposely leave their empty can of drink on a seat. As he got up, another man said to him ”You left your rubbish behind mate”,’ another added.

A group of women with their feet resting on the seats of a Sydney train

Some commuters said their biggest gripes were when people put their feet up on seats

Others criticised those who listened to music or videos without headphones in

Others said a general lack of hygiene was enough to make them consider walking.

‘Don’t forget about those people on trains who love to eat and chew REALLY loud. I ended up buying headphones because I couldn’t stand the sound,’ one said.

‘Ever been in a carriage where someone starts clipping their nails?’

‘The people that I can’t stand are the ones who listen to music or watches a video without headphones in a train carriage. Certainly not an isolated incident either, happens all the time,’ another weighed in.

Many pointed out that the ‘lack of etiquette’ was because people were only now adjusting to returning to work and the frequent use of public transport post Covid lockdowns.

Commuters who put their feet up on train seats face a fine of up to $1,100, according to Transport NSW.  

Those who use offensive language or act inappropriately can invite a fine of up to $1100.

Similarly, blocking doors or interfering with equipment could attract a maximum penalty of $5500.  


Commuters are expected not to have their feet up on the seats or leave rubbish behind

Watch videos with headphones in

Wait for passengers to get off the train or bus before getting on

Don’t put bags on other seats to stop others from sitting there

Stand on the left side of the escalator at stations so others can pass on the right

Don’t stand in the entrance so people struggle to get on 

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