Desperate Putin pushes more troops onto deadly frontline despite major losses

Russia continues its offensive against Ukrainian troops defending the crucial city of Avdiivka despite suffering heavy losses in the area.

Located on the eastern front line, Avdiivka has been under Russian fire since October 10, but the attack has come at a heavy price for Moscow’s troops, with the Ukrainian Defence Ministry recently claiming the assault on the city has contributed to a “90 per cent increase in Russian casualties”.

In a recent assessment of the ongoing war in Ukraine, US think tank Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported the spokesperson for the Ukrainian Tavriisk Group of Forces, Colonel Oleksandr Shtupun, stating that the Russian military is “deploying personnel from Russian territory directly to the Avdiivka direction to replace personnel losses”, a sign Russia is not planning to abandon this difficult operation.

While last week the Russian operations in Avdiivka appeared to be fizzling out, the renewed offensive push has helped Russia make small gains in the northeast.


Ukraine to evacuate children from 23 settlements in Kherson region

As the Kherson Oblast continues to be targeted by Russian fire, Kyiv has decided to enforce a mandatory evacuation of 802 children living in 23 local settlements.

The Reintegration Ministry announced the children, accompanied by their parents or legal guardians, are to leave the Beryslav, Kakhovka, and Kherson districts for safer regions.

The evacuation will be carried out free of charge by trains and buses.

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