Denver weather: Area starts warming up Friday through weekend

Denver is in for a mostly sunny and warmer weekend as the remnants of Wednesday’s storm leave the area.

Thursday didn’t get as warm as forecasters at the National Weather Service in Boulder had thought as temperatures in the Denver area stayed in the teens and single digits, but Friday will see a better warmup.

The Interstate 25 corridor could see temperatures range between the low 30s and 40s, and Denver’s high is 40 degrees. The day will be mostly sunny, and some light winds could gust as strong as 15 mph.

The far northeast plains will continue to see low temperatures Friday, and the mountains will see some light snow with up to three inches of accumulation.

Friday night will drop to a low of 20 degrees in Denver, and the winds will die down to about five to seven mph.

Saturday will be mostly sunny and warmer, with a high of 57 degrees. Winds will be breezy again and could gusts could reach 16 mph. Saturday night’s low is 30 degrees.

Rain enters the Denver forecast Sunday. The day will be mostly sunny with a high of 58 degrees, but there is a 20% chance of light showers in the afternoon.

Winds will also pick up in the afternoon to between 16 and 21 mph, and gusts could reach 31 mph.

Sunday night’s low is 31 degrees, then Monday and Tuesday will continue the 50s trend before more snow re-enters the forecast midweek.


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