Daughter left ‘disgusted’ as cop reads back paedo dad’s sickening account where he blames HER for vile sex attacks | The Sun

A WOMAN whose dad sexually abused her as a child was left "disgusted" after he tried pinning his vile crimes on her.

Emily Victoria, 31, was subjected to a horror ordeal at the hands of dad Paul from the age of two.

The paedo would keep his daughter home from school to abuse her and even gave up his job to become a foster parent while his wife worked so he could prey on Emily without being disturbed.

Emily bravely talked about the torment in Channel 4 show A Paedophile In My Family: Surviving Dad, which aired last night.

She can be seen visiting the officers who investigated the abuse against her in one harrowing scene.

One, Tony O'Connell, reads from her dad's statement to police where he labels Emily a "sexual kid" in a twisted bid to shift blame.

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Who is Emily Victoria and what happened to her?

Emily says: "I just feel a bit sick. His narrative that he put there was what he was trying to put on me the whole time. Everything was my fault, even outside of that nonsense.

"He would say, 'No one likes you at school and these are the reasons why.' He was always trying to shift the blame onto me.

"I'm not shocked that he has done that… it brings up all those feelings when I was a child and blame myself for everything, which I don't do anymore.

"I'm trying to make sure that that doesn't make me go backwards. I'm having an inner battle with myself."

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The officer assures Emily that police "never believed" her warped dad, who he said was trying to "groom" police with his lies.

Tony also says there was "no part" of the fiend that ever showed any remorse for his sick actions.

Emily said hearing the interview gave her a new perspective on the abuse, adding: "I feel sick to my stomach in a way I haven't felt before.

"I look at him in a different way, like he's something disgusting.

"I always felt like he pled guilty not just because of the evidence but because he felt bad for what he had done.

"But my dad's words made it very clear that he didn't care about me at all. I actually want to know and look him in the eye to see if he has changed at all."

The paedo was jailed for 14 years after Emily, now 32, plucked up the courage to speak out.

But he was recently released from prison – re-opening new wounds for the mum-of-one.

The show sees Emily attempt to face her demons by arranging a meet with her dad through the restorative justice system, which he refuses.

She also looks back at how the abuse impacted on her life, revealing how she felt like a "zombie" at times.

Emily says: "What my dad did to me still has an effect on my life.

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"Most of the time, all I felt was anger towards him, but of course, there was some level of him that loved me and cared for me.

"It's confusing because he still was my dad 50 per cent of the time and 50 per cent of the time, he was a monster.”

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