Dan Walker takes new bike for a spin for the first time since crash

Dan Walker gets back in the saddle: Presenter takes his new bright yellow bike for a spin for the first time since horror crash – and jokes his orange socks don’t match the frame

  • The news presenter, 46, was knocked out for 20 minutes after crash in Sheffield
  • He shared an image of himself riding his e-bike for the first time since incident

Ex-BBC presenter Dan Walker said he felt ‘safe and secure’ being back in the saddle for the first time since being hit by a car last month.

The 5News host was left with a swollen and bloodied face and a black eye after being knocked off his bike on a roundabout on February 20.

The 46-year-old said he was unconscious ‘for about 20 minutes’ after the accident in Sheffield and had no memory of it. 

A month on, the father-of-three posted a picture of him cycling outside St Pancras station in London, adding there were ‘no flashbacks’.

He shared the snap of himself riding on a new yellow Gocycle, a folding e-bike, with a new helmet – but complained that his orange socks didn’t match the frame.

Dan Walker posted a picture on Instagram of himself riding a bike for first time since his accident in Sheffield last month

The former BBC presenter took selfies of his bloodied face from the inside of an ambulance after the frightening incident

Walker has made a quick recovery since his horror crash and appeared just over two weeks later at the Ultimate News Quiz in aid of Action for Children. 

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Last month he announced the terrifying ordeal on Instagram where he shared snaps of his injuries.

At the time, he wrote: ‘Not quite the week I had planned but I’m on the mend. ‘I’m very grateful for all your kind messages & for my family & lovely friends. I’m also thankful for the paramedics, the police & the people who looked after me in A & E.’

In footage from a vehicle in front of the accident, Walker can be seen on his bicycle when the rear wheel caught a car’s front wing.

As the car crashed into him, the father-of-three was sent sprawling onto the tarmac and narrowly avoided going under its wheels. 

He later addressed an image of his battered face during an appearance on Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine Show.

‘I’m very thankful that I’ve healed,’ he told the presenter. ‘Basically, there’s been a few lumps and bumps and grazes all over the place.

‘I’ve got a badly damaged hand. I won’t take my trousers off, Jeremy, but I’ve got a massive bruise on my right hip at the moment.’

Walker said that he was ‘really thankful’ to the paramedics, police, and those that looked after him in the hospital.

The news presenter joked about his orange socks not matching the yellow frame of his bike

In footage from a car ahead, Walker’s rear wheel can be seen catching the car’s front wing, flipping the Strictly Come Dancing star over

The presenter previously posed for a selfie with his bicycle, believed to be the same bike he was using before the crash

Walker was on tip top form as he reunited with his former BBC Breakfast colleague Sally Nugent for Ultimate News Quiz in aid of Action for Children on March 9

Walker explained last week how he had left his house early to catch the train and was going over the roundabout instead of through a cycle lane because it was often covered in smashed glass.

The presenter said that he hadn’t been able to watch the footage of the accident but after speaking with police again, he is ‘confident’ he was not to blame for the accident. 

Walker has also asked to speak to the driver and said he hopes the matter can be resolved outside the courts.

He added: ‘I remember coming to the roundabout, I looked to my right, I saw a gap and I went.

‘The next thing I remember… it’s almost like an out-of-body experience. I saw myself looking at a black screen and then the screen expanded from a white circle in the middle of it and into that circle came the heads of two paramedics, a police officer and the driver who hit me with the car.

‘I have no recollection of what happened between those times. I know there’s a video doing the rounds but I’ve not watched it, I don’t want to watch it, I haven’t got any flashbacks and I don’t want any either.

‘I’m just very thankful I’m here, I’m ok, and the scans all says that my brain is fine, so if I can get out of it with a few lumps and bumps then I can say I’m very thankful.’

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