DAILY MAIL COMMENT: A dignified response to anti-Semitic hatred

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: A dignified response to anti-Semitic hatred

The demonstration against the cancer of anti-Semitism which snaked through the capital was dignified, deeply moving and intensely powerful.

Not since the Battle of Cable Street nearly 90 years ago, when Oswald Mosley’s fascist thugs were challenged by ordinary Britons, has there been a greater display of support for the country’s Jewish community.

Organisers estimated 105,000 took part in yesterday’s march, although not solely Jews. This was a chance to show solidarity with a community that has felt under terrifying threat since the Hamas pogroms.

There has been a steep rise in anti-Semitic hate crime since the attacks. Security has been stepped up at schools and synagogues. Posters of murdered toddlers or Israeli hostages have been torn down or defaced.

The march was good-humoured, too, and patriotic – pausing at the Cenotaph for participants to sing God Save The King.

The organisers have said it is the largest demonstration against anti-Semitism since 1936, with 104,000 estimated to be here

The march was good-humoured, too, and patriotic – pausing at the Cenotaph for participants to sing God Save The King 

A large group has gathered outside the Royal Courts of Justice for the rally organised by charity Campaign Against Antisemitism

Contrast this with the foam-flecked rage seen at pro-Palestine demonstrations over the past seven weeks. On those, flag-toting goons have clambered over poppy-bedecked war memorials, fireworks have been launched at police, and anti-Semitic chants and placards have been rife.

Even with a ceasefire, the intimidating protests continued on Saturday. The unpleasant truth is, a sizeable minority don’t want an absence of hostilities. They want an absence of Israel.

Yesterday’s peaceful march was a challenge to that warped worldview.

The Left frequently delights in belittling Britain. That so many people have refused to stand silently by as our Jewish neighbours again face the evil of anti-Semitism is something to be proud of.

Brexit in the fast lane

Of all Project Fear’s scare stories, few have proved as embarrassingly wrong as the warning that Nissan would up sticks and quit Britain.

Remainers gloated that with our ties to the EU severed, the Japanese car giant would close its Sunderland plant, putting thousands of workers on the dole.

More in barely suppressed glee than in sorrow, naysayers were almost willing it to happen as the city’s comeuppance for voting Leave.

Far from shutting up shop in the North East, however, Nissan is investing billions to mass-produce two electric car models there as well as building an enormous new battery ‘gigafactory’, creating and securing countless jobs.

After the Brexit referendum, there had been fears over the future of Nissan’s Sunderland hub (pictured), which employs 6,000 people and supports 70,000 supply chain jobs

And at the weekend, the multinational’s bosses, in the past so critical of Brexit, admitted its impact had been ‘negligible’.

Hardcore Remainers might gnash their teeth, but this verdict is a huge vote of confidence in our post-Brexit economic future. As a symbol of our ability to succeed on the international stage after unshackling ourselves from the failing superstate, it could hardly be more totemic.

Charity chumps

There was a time when the purpose of a charity was to help the downtrodden.

These days, though, one gets the impression that some of these organisations see supporting the vulnerable as an unwanted distraction from woke activism.

The latest to go down this road is the Tudor Trust, which gives £20million a year to good causes. The trust is changing its entire board… for the sin of being all white.

The Tudor Trust is undergoing a woke makeover that has meant stopping all grants for 20 months while it ‘re-thinks’ its future

Director Christopher Graves (left) retired in February, then in March interim director Raji Hunjan (right) announced it was not reopening grant applications as it had not done enough to become an ‘anti-racist organisation’

As part of this diversity drive, staff and trustees will learn about contested political agendas including racial justice, white supremacy culture and colonisation.

During this shake-up, it will not award grants to new applicants – meaning some will miss out on badly needed funding.

When will this damaging self-flagellation cease? Here’s a radical idea: Why don’t charities revert to judging people by their characters – not the colour of their skin?

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