Cyclist performs dangerous stunt before smashing into Deliveroo worker

Watch as cyclist performs dangerous stunt on a busy road before smashing into Deliveroo worker – sending them both flying

  • Video shows cyclist riding mountain bike attempting to do a wheelie off a ramp 
  • He floes into a busy road and clips a Deliveroo driver, who is knocked off his bike

This is the dramatic moment a stunt rider smashes into a Deliveroo worker sending both of them flying as his trick backfires. 

The cyclist is seen in a video, filmed by a friend, riding a mountain bike and attempting to do a wheelie off a ramp in Bristol. 

But as he comes down on the other side of the ramp into a busy road in the city, he flies straight into a Deliveroo driver going about his business – with commenters dubbing it ‘Deliverooined.’

The Deliveroo staff member is knocked from his bike and at the end of the video lies still on the pavement as passers-by look on.

The rider has been criticised online for the dangerous stunt, which took place in a pedestrian area. 

The stunt rider is filmed by a friend who then puts the footage up on Instagram

The incident happened on a busy road in Bristol, with many criticising the stunt 

After the footage was posted on Instagram, one critic, speaking about the Deliveroo worker, said: ‘That poor guy was doing his job and he does that.’

Another said: ‘Not funny at all, shouldn’t be t-boned cycling along because some gnarly dude thinks he’s funny and can’t control his jumps.’

One simply said: ‘A shame we have to share this world with people such as this…’

Another added: ‘That guy would be paying my rent for 2 years. Bruh was just doing his job.’

And another joked: ‘Use bicycles, better than cars, they said…’

And another pointed out the original cyclist’s age, saying he was hardly a spring chicken.

This is the moment the two riders collided – as the stunt rider clipped the Deliveroo worker 

Onlookers watched as both of the men ended up on the floor after crashing

People commenting on the incident after it was posted on Instagram 

He said: ‘My man works to support his kids the other spends dad’s money at 30.’

Another simply added their take, saying: ‘Deliverooined.’

The poster of the video added that both cyclists were uninjured after the collision, saying: ‘Nailed it. They are both fine.’

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