Crocodile beheaded and mutilated on idyllic beach in horrific ‘trophy killing’

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    A crocodile's body has been found beheaded on a remote beach in Queensland, Australia.

    The remains of the giant animal, which measures 4m in length, were spotted on Cow Bay Beach, with officials from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service unable to determine the cause of death.

    "The crocodile, which was missing its skull, was too decomposed to conduct a necropsy and was buried on Country," a spokesperson said.

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    Tom Chalmers Hayes, a local crocodile photographer and conservationist, rushed to the beach to catch a glimpse of the tragic beast for himself after hearing the news.

    In a video posted to social media, he showed off the slain animal and vented: "This is f***ed, I can’t f***ing believe some people hey. [Look at] this poor c***.

    "Sorry about my language but f***ing hell, this is such f***ing bulls***."

    He guessed the animal had been shot and its head later cut off "for some sort of f***ing trophy".

    "I know there have been some people who don’t like this crocodile in this area for a while, but I just can’t imagine why anyone would actually take it upon themselves to kill him – It’s pretty disgusting," he continued.

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    Other locals said the slaughtered animal had lived in the area for a long time and was well-known to them, having hung around the beach regularly in recent weeks.

    The Department of Environment and Science (DES) of Queensland has so far been unable to what happened to the tragic croc and it was unclear when the head had been removed but warned it was against the law to deliberately kill the animals.

    "Wildlife officers cannot determine the cause of death," a DES spokesperson said.

    "It is unlawful to deliberately harm or kill crocodiles or be in possession of a deceased crocodile or parts of a deceased crocodile.

    "The maximum penalty for the deliberate harm or killing of crocodiles in Queensland is $14375.00. [£7,765]."

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