Cop who boasted ‘throuple’ lifestyle online sacked after shooting student in bar

A police officer who boasted of a "throuple" with his wife and another woman has been sacked after shooting a student in a bar brawl.

Sergeant Erisson de Melo Nery had garnered attention back in 2021 after he flaunted the three-way relationship he had with Alda Nery and Darlene Oliveira online.

The cop, who had previously boasted to his 32,000 Instagram followers of his relationship, found himself sacked after shooting a student during a bar fight in Epitaciolandia, Brazil, while off duty.

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His sacking came on January 26, with the force publicising the decision and details of the 2021 shooting just yesterday (Thursday, February 9).

Nery claims the student he shot had hit his wife, with the ex-cop saying at the time: "The guy harassed my wife, and she went to confront him immediately.

"But he punched Alda in the face and she was knocked out cold with a cut mouth. Then, when I saw her like that, I went after the guy. Outside, we got into a fistfight and I shot him.

"There were two shots, everyone grabbed him. He is stable and has been transferred to Rio Branco."

Colonel Romulo Modesto, Inspector-General of the Military Police confirmed that the incident had transpired as reports of a second incident involving Nery were also aired.

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A separate shooting from November 2017 saw Nery mow down a 13-year-old in a hail of bullets after the kid and a pair of two men allegedly attempted to rob Nery's home.

His victim, Fernando de Jesus, had been accompanied by two adults who fled over a wall and left the teen behind.

Accusations that Nery and cop pal Italo Cordeiro tampered with the crime scene to make it look as though the shooting was a self-defence have since been aired.

Nery has since been arrested by the BOPE police tactical unit, although his lawyer Matheus Moura says that he will appeal his client's dismissal.

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