Conspiracy theorist David Icke reveals daughter's death at 48

Conspiracy theorist David Icke reveals his daughter has died aged 48 after a ‘stoic battle against a long illness’

  • His first daughter, Kerry, died surrounded by family on the Isle of Wight 

Conspiracy theorist David Icke has announced the death of his daughter Kerry at the age of 48 – promising to meet her ‘in another realm’.

Icke, 71, shared the tragic news on X, formerly Twitter, on Monday, telling fans she had fought a ‘stoic battle against a long illness’.

She died in hospital on the Isle of Wight, surrounded by her family and her boyfriend Ede; she is survived by two children and her family.

Icke’s tribute prompted an outpouring of sympathetic messages from fans, and has been ‘liked’ more than 17,000 times. 

One fan said: ‘My Dad passed away 4 years ago today and there isn’t a day goes by without thinking about him. She may be gone from this earth but but she will always be with you in spirit. RIP Kerry.’ 

David Icke shared this image of his daughter Jess on X, formerly Twitter, as he paid tribute to her as a ‘fiercely independent’ woman

Icke has built a career out of disseminating conspiracy theories in self-published books as well as on the internet

Icke’s tweet, in which he promised to meet his daughter ‘in another realm’, calling her ‘my darling, our Divine Spark’

Icke wrote on the social media platform: ‘My wonderful, beautiful, daughter Kerry passed away today in hospital on the Isle of Wight after a stoic battle against a long illness. She was just 48. 

‘She left this world surrounded by her family and her fantastic boyfriend, Ede, who nursed her magnificently to the end. Kerry leaves two teenage children and a family who loved her so much.’

He continued: ‘She was a one-off, a fiercely independent, outspoken, unique expression of the All That Is, and there will never be another quite the same. 

‘We know she is only a heartbeat away, a frequency vibration, and she will be around us still until we meet again in another realm beyond this madhouse reality that she saw through with a laser focus. 

‘We are all so proud of you, my darling, our Divine Spark. Never forget that. WE will never forget YOU.’

Kerry’s younger brother Gareth, who presents ‘alternative’ current affairs news programmes online alongside brother Jaymie, added: ‘Today my big sister Kerry passed away after a battle with illness. Always headstrong and doing things her way, she kept this to herself for over a year. 

‘We were so close in our younger years but unfortunately life, parenthood and geographical distance kept us from seeing each other as much as we should have in recent times.

‘Me and my brother raced down today and managed to get there, and hold her hand, along with all her immediate family, at the end. I will miss her terribly, but I know this isn’t forever, only for now. 

‘I am sure there will be kind messages beneath this post, so let me apologise in advance for my lack of acknowledgement, they are appreciated by all of us, but I need to check out for a while. 

‘I hope you understand. Til the next time, Whiz. X.’

Jaymie shared a photograph of himself with his sister in his own post, writing: ‘Goodnight big sister. I love you. See you again one day. Xxx’ 

Fans left hundreds of replies beneath the Ickes’ posts expressing their sympathy.

One said: ‘Sorry for you loss David I send positive energy your way….’

Another wrote: ‘This is so sad, David. Our condolensces (sic) to you and your family for this terrible loss. When I see sad news like this, I feel like I have a hole in my heart, too. 

‘We are together on many levels, everyone on Earth is family and share a connection. You have pointed this out many times. Wishing The Best to everyone touched by her passing.’

‘RIP Kerry’ began trending on X in the United Kingdom in the hours after the family shared their tributes. 


Kerry’s brother Gareth Icke – who presents an ‘alternative’ current affairs show online – shared his own tribute to his sister 

David Icke (second from right) with (left to right) then-wife Linda Atherton, daughter Kerry and Canadian friend Mari Schawsun

Icke rose to fame as a conspiracy theorist who has made outlandish claims that world leaders are ‘reptilians’ disguising themselves as humans.

He had shown promise as a young footballer before developing rheumatoid arthritis at a young age. This led to him investigating alternative medicine, which developed into a career-spawning interest in the occult.

However, some of his conspiracy theories have been criticised as being allegedly anti-semitic, and Icke has self-published all of his own books since the mid-90s.

He was banned from YouTube and a number of social media platforms in 2020 after making outlandish claims that linked Jewish people to the coronavirus pandemic and the introduction of 5G mobile phone networks.

He later returned to Twitter after it was acquired by businessman Elon Musk – who has also allowed a number of other conspiracy theorists including Alex Jones, as well as figures associated with the far right, back onto the website under his leadership.

Icke was also banned from entering 26 countries in the EU’s Schengen travel zone by the Dutch government for two years in 2022.

Dutch immigration authorities said in a letter Icke published on his website that ‘there are concrete indications that your arrival in the Netherlands poses a threat to public order.’ 

Kerry, born in 1975, was the first child Icke had with first wife Linda Atherton, followed by sons Gareth and Jaymie.

Icke later had another daughter with Mari Shawsun, a Canadian who came to live with the Ickes on the Isle of Wight.

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