Chinese city builds motorway around single house after owner refuses to move

A major Chinese city had to build an entire motorway around a tiny house after an impassioned homeowner refused to move out of the property.

The woman, known only by her surname, Liang, who lives in the building in the city of Guangzhou, known as the 'Nail House', declined compensation from the developer, who wanted to knock it down as part of their plans to create the new highway.

However, while she managed to keep the home alive, her view is now just two wings of the Haizhuyong Bridge.

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The one-storey building is located smack bang in the middle of a pit in a four-lane traffic link, Guandong TV station reports.

However, while some would struggle to cope in such a dark and noisy living space, Liang still adores her home.

She told the Mail Online: "You think this environment is poor, but I feel it's quiet, liberating, pleasant and comfortable."

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Despite living at the bottom of a hole, Liang has maintained her integrity.

She refused to move because the government had failed to offer her a new home situated in a preferable location.

Plans to build the Haizhuyong Bridge commenced in 2010, and after a decade of planning, they were ready to finally start the project.

Developers had no idea just how tenacious Liang could be.

Authorities claim that they offered her a plethora of flats and cash compensation schemes, but she refused to budge.

Prior to the construction of the bridge, engineers evaluated the safety risks and decided to proceed with the plans, leaving Liang in an incredibly unique living situation.


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