China demands UK talks with Argentina over Falklands slamming ‘colonial legacy’

China’s United Nations representative has attacked Britain for its “colonial legacy” in the Falkland Islands and has demanded sovereignty talks with Argentina to restart. Geng Shuang, China’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, said, in a barbed statement: “Although the colonial era is over, hegemonism and power politics that are in line with colonial thinking still exist today.”

Argentina’s Foreign Relations Minister Santiago Cafiero, who was also in attendance, echoed the statement.

The sharp-tongued statement risks inflaming tensions between Britain and Argentina, after the countries fought a bitter conflict in 1982 over the islands in which 255 British personnel lost their lives.

China’s intervention appears to suggest it is positioning itself on Argentina’s side, backing bilateral negotiations between the UK and the South American nation.

Geng Shuang referred to the islands using the Argentinian name: “Malvinas”.

He said: “The question of the Malvinas Islands is a historical legacy of colonialism”.

This comes as concerns continue to gather pace about China’s potential annexation of the island of Taiwan.

Earlier this month US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Chinese premier Xi Jinping, saying that the US did not support any unilateral change to the status of Taiwan.

Meanwhile UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said Britain was “looking at the options” regarding a visit to China, saying it was important to have “face-to-face” communication with Beijing.

Speaking alongside Mr Blinken in London on Tuesday, the Essex MP said: “A big part of engagement is of course face to face.

“I’ve had face-to-face meetings with Chinese officials.

“And of course, I’m looking at the options of a potential visit, but there are no details at this stage.”

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Despite Mr Cleverly’s intention for diplomatic dialogue with China, Geng Shuang added on the issue of The Falklands: “We urge the United Kingdom… to avoid measures that could escalate tension and confrontation, and at the same time actively respond to Argentina’s request to resume dialogue and negotiations”.

He also said “the international community must remain very vigilant and resolutely resist” the colonial impulses of the UK.

Argentina has been calling for negotiations to resume with the UK.

Foreign minister Cafiero said: “Recently, the United Kingdom took its disproportionate and unjustified military presence in the South Atlantic to a new level with the deployment of a contingent of the so-called ‘Kosovo Security Forces’”.

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