Chilling last words said to boy before he vanished after jumping off party boat

An onlooker shouted 'bye bye' to an 18-year-old lad before jumping off a party boat into shark-infested waters and vanishing.

Cameron Robbins has been missing since May 24, when he leapt off 'pirate' ship Blackbeard's Revenge off the uninhabited Athol Island in the Bahamas, Caribbean.

There has been no sign of the missing student and the search was called off two days after the incident.

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Video shows a white figure, which some think could have been a shark, moving in the water near him.

As Cameron jumped off the boat, a male voice can be heard shouting in the background: "This kid f***ing jumped off! Oh my f***ing God! Of, shut the f*** up! Oh, bye bye!"

The video ends as he swims away from a life preserver.

As mystery remains about what happened to Cameron, from Louisiana, USA, his family paid a touching tribute after a visit to where he disappeared.

He had recently taken a fishing trip in his native Louisiana with his dad and brother before heading to the Bahamas for his graduation ceremony.

The online obituary read: "He eventually chose baseball as his first love. He was a tough player, battling back from multiple injuries, known to pitch through separated shoulders and broken hands.

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"He was also an avid LSU (Louisiana State University) fan regularly attending football, basketball and baseball games. Finally, he loved all things edible, especially his mother's red beans and his grandmother's spaghetti and meatballs.

"He made frequent late-night trips to his family's pantry, where he consumed large quantities of fruity pebbles and popcorn.

"Though he left this world far too soon, he lived a life full of good friends and family He was funny and kind-hearted, but also intense and driven. He doted on his grandparents and he took pride in his work.

"He will be missed desperately by his family and friends, who will carry their cherished memories of him to eternity."

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The mum of one of Cameron's pals told Fox News that several students tried to grab him before he took the plunge.

The teen had been on the island for a matter of hours before joining the party cruise along with a number of other recent graduates.

It is feared he may have been attacked by a shark in the infested waters.

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