‘Charles looks devastated’ royal fans say as he cries at Queen’s vigil

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King Charles IIIwas said to look “absolutely devastated” by royal fans online during the Vigil of the Princes held at St Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh.

Charles was joined by his siblings Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward as they took part in the historic ceremony as the public watched on. The four children of Queen Elizabeth II stood guard each on their own side of her coffin, while they were flanked by archers in ceremonial dress.

While the Duke of York seemed to keep his eyes closed for much of the 10 minute ceremony, royal observers were particularly concerned for the King who seemed to be devastated.

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One royal fan wrote online: “King Charles looks absolutely devastated this must be the most tough thing for them all.”

While another said: “Charles looks absolutely heartbroken stood there.. he’s had such a busy few days that he’s literally had no time to grieve.”

Some were critical of how public the whole ceremony was, with one Tweeter writing: “The guards/police could and maybe should have stopped the public walking through, to let the family take vigil privately.”

They went on to add: “King Charles III looks heartbroken. This shouldn't have been televised. It should have been a private moment behind closed doors.”

Camilla, the Queen Consort, and the Countess of Wessex were present at the vigil but watched proceedings from the side of the cathedral.

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Scotland had been paying its respects to the departed Queen all afternoon, with thousands queueing to get into St Giles' Cathedral so they could file past her coffin. Some also managed to see the historic Vigil of the Princes in person, although the traffic of people walking through was briefly halted while the royals entered the church.

The Queen is to lie in state for a period of 24 hours before she is flown to London ahead of her funeral at Westminster Abbey on Monday, 19 September. Earlier today, a man was arrested for heckling Prince Andrew as the procession of royals went up the Royal Mile.


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