Buried-alive baby dug out by bloke who saw ‘tiny hand’ and heard ‘cries’

A newborn baby was saved from its living burial after a bloke walking by noticed a "tiny hand" sticking out of the dirt.

Rajesh Kumar had been returning home from work when he heard "cries" coming from the ground, with he and wife Neelam uncovering a newborn baby boy buried alive.

The stomach-turning discovery saw Rajesh and Neelam dig away at the dirt to save the baby, who was thankfully rescued from the burial in Pulandar village, India.

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Rajesh, a farmer, and wife Neelam had been walking toward the source of the noise on September 8, when they noticed a hand sticking out of the soil.

The pair found the placenta and umbilical cord still attached to the baby, and were careful when they set about unearthing the abandoned child.

Slowly removing more of the dirt and rubble around the youngster revealed more of the baby. Police were called to the site of the discovery and took the youngster to a nearby hospital, with medical experts saying the child had difficulty breathing.

But in a thankful turn of events, the youngster was left in a "healthy" state with doctors working hard to return the baby to full health as police look for his parents.

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The Child Welfare Committee confirmed they would look after the youngster until police complete their investigations into the case.

Rajesh and Neelam, who have two daughters of their own, confirmed they would be interested in adopting the baby boy they found covered in dirt.

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