Brits urged to check common coin that could be worth 300x its value

Could you have a 20p worth £60 in your wallet? How to check if you have extremely rare ‘mule error’ coin that is worth 300 times its value

  • A coin collector has alerted Brits to a coin worth up to 300 times its value
  • The estimated 250,000 20p coins could be worth up to £60
  • To find out how to check if one of them is in your change, read on 

Brits have been warned that they might have a coin in their spare change which could be worth 300 times its usual value. due to an error.

In 2008 the Royal Mint released a batch of 20 pence pieces which are, in fact, worth closer to £50.

The blunder occurred after a redesign of the coin, and there could be up to 250,000 in circulation.

TikTok coin collector @thecoincollectoruk alerted Brits of this opportunity to cash in on their change at up to 300 times their value.

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The key to look out for on your 20p pieces is no date, the collector pointed out

The key to look out for on your 20p pieces is no date, the collector pointed out.

The coin, since the 2008 change, is meant to have a date on the heads side, whereas the date had previously been on the tails side. 

The collector claimed that an erroneous coin ‘could be worth £40-£60.’

An error like this is called a ‘mule’ – a coin with mismatched sides, referencing the mule being a mismatch of a horse and donkey.

The roughly 250,000 coins wrongly released in 2008 are mules because they were minted using the old version of the heads side, which does not have the year date, and the new version of the tails side, which also does not have a date.

Dateless coins such as these are rare, and therefore valuable, with this the first in the UK since 1672.

Another ‘mule error’ coin was released in 1983, when the Royal Mint made a mistake with the 2p piece and struck some with the wording ‘new pence’ rather than ‘two pence’. 

The 1983 2p mule is currently worth hundreds of pounds, however its value was enhanced because only very few of these reached the public. 

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