Brit’s horror as he saw diver savaged by shark while water turned blood red

A Brit captured the terrifying moment a swimmer was mauled by a shark while snorkelling in Egypt.

Dan White and his fiance were completing their deep diver certification near El Ikhwa Islands, commonly known as Brothers Islands, when they witnesses the savage attack.

The Oceanic White Tip shark bit a German tourist on the leg while they were swimming in the Red Sea.

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Dan told the BBC’s Why Sharks Attack: “We were only five metres deep, swimming around and having a little look.

“Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a dark shadow, I turned to see what it was and it was a shark.

“That’s when I pulled up the go pro and started filming.”

The footage shows the shark making its way over to Dan – who was in the water along with a group of five and two instructors.

He added: “The shark was pretty placid and then its behaviour flipped on itself.

“It came down to the divers level and started investigating. It took a great interest in the male driver’s fins.

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“The diver was kicking away to fend it off.”

But the shark turned its intentions on a member of another group, the German tourist.

Dan said: “It bit into the diver's leg, latched on, thrashed around and ended up going over almost like a cartwheel.

“It was crazy, it wouldn't let go for what felt like forever. It ended up tearing his calf muscle completely off his leg.

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“There was a big plume of blood in the water. Another diver started screaming you could hear her scream – a shriek noise in your ear. It's horrifying to listen to.”

After the bite, the tourist was pulled from the water and taken to hospital.

While his leg did not need to be amputated, his calf had been ripped to shreds by the beast, leaving his calf muscles and bone destroyed.

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It comes after Elisabeth Sauer, 68, was snorkelling in shallow waters in the Red Sea on July 2, 2022, when she was savagely killed by a tiger shark.

In the three days following the attack, authorities sent divers into the water to investigate but found something terrible.

The mutilated remains of another tourist, 44-year-old Roxana Donisan, were also found in the waters off of the Egyptian resort.

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