Brits facing plague of flies thanks to UK’s humid and damp joke of a summer

Brits are facing a plague of flies.

Pest control chiefs say the humid, damp summer will drive a surge in numbers.

And the insects could thrive on rotting food left outside homes because of bin collection strikes.

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It could lead to outbreaks of salmonella and E. coli – sparking a “public health risk”.

Paul Blackhurst from Rentokil said householders should “ensure their bins and the surrounding area is kept as clean as possible in order to help reduce the risk of attracting flies”.

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He warned: “It’s vital to get ahead of this all-too-common pest problem before it quickly gets out of hand.”

Installing insect screens on doors and windows and covering food caddies can also help.

In other creepy-crawly news, an evolution expert has warned that aliens could end up being like spiders the size of elephants.

Top biologist Richard Dawkins recently said on a Q&A: "I'm pretty sure there will be extraterrestrial life.''

He assumed it would be quite far away, but added: "It might look like us.

"If you look at the history of life on our planet it is uncanny how convergent evolution works, how very often the same solutions come up to the same problems.

"Australian fauna, for example, is extremely like the rest of the world's. The parallels between Australian animals and the rest of the world's are very striking.

"It would not be unlikely if there is another planet like ours, maybe even creatures rather like us might evolve.

"And also carnivores and herbivores. If the gravitational field is very different then no, that's quite different.

"Say it's a much weaker gravitational field then you'd expect that animals the size of an elephant would be built along the lines of spiders.

"Or if it's a very strong gravitational field animals the size of a mouse would be built along the lines of a rhinoceros.

"But if it was the same distance from its star as ours is and if the chemical balance was roughly the same, I think it's not unlikely that we would get a whole range of animals similar to ours.''

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