Britain facing pongdemic with price of deodorant hitting a fiver

Shoppers are kicking up a stink after the price of deodorant hit a fiver.

Favourites like Sure Maximum Protection are now £5 and Dove Advanced Care is not far behind at £4.50 for an aerosol.

One potential purchaser shared a snap of Dove on sale on a social media shopping page – and turned their nose up.

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“£4.50 for deodorant? Is this some kind of sick joke?’’ they wrote.

Other members of the Facebook page were quick to agree.

One wrote: “£4.50 for some deodorant? Sod that. I’ll pay 50p and get a face mask instead so I can’t smell myself and save a fortune.’’

Another said: “I swear these were £1/£1.50 last year. That inflation is disgusting.’’

“My mum goes round the supermarket pointing at things and saying the price in a disgusted tone really loud. I agree, £4.50 is taking the p*ss,’’ said a third.

One more said: “Boots selling Sure Max for a fiver.”

Britain’s biggest retailer Tesco said it was doing its best to shield consumers from soaring inflation.

The firm forecast flat profit in its new financial year after a 6.3% drop in 2022/23.

The group, which has a 27% share of Britain’s grocery market, said it made retail adjusted operating profit of £2.49 billion in the year to February – down from £2.65bn the years before.

Group sales rose 5.3% to £57.6bn.

Chief executive Ken Murphy said: “It’s been an incredibly tough year for many of our customers and we have been determined to do everything we can to help.’’

The group, which said it had seen `unprecedented levels of inflation in the prices we have paid our suppliers’, pledged to do everything it could to keep customer prices down.

According to consumer website Finer Home Living the `main reason why deodorant is so expensive is due to inflation which is pushing up the cost that it takes to manufacture, package, market, and distribute’ it.

“Major supply bottlenecks, soaring energy prices, and global conflicts are pushing up the cost of goods and services which includes deodorant,’’ the site adds.

Boots and Tesco did not respond to requests for comment.


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