Brit tracked £105k car from Spain as thieves nabbed it from airport car park

A man tracked his Range Rover after it was stolen while on holiday in Spain as he watched it travel 50 miles before it mysteriously vanished.

Alan Powell, a 51-year-old company director, had his holiday ruined after discovering that his Range Rover Sport SVR, worth a cool £105,000, had been stolen from Luton Airport Priority Parking.

He dropped off his car at the airport on April 10, handing over his key to the car park operators for safekeeping, before jetting off with his wife and mother-in-law.

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The next day, Powell received an alert on his car tracker app informing him that his car had been stolen, after the tracker had been removed.

By then, the car had already been driven for over 50 miles.

Powell claimed that he had to inform the car park that his car had disappeared before they were aware it had gone missing.

He was then informed by the police that the car’s keys had been cloned and that the vehicle may have been shipped abroad by the thieves already.

Powell criticised the airport car park's attitude, saying: "If I left the car in any old car park, I wouldn't be crying about it, but then I leave it with the official car park that is why I'm upset."

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After receiving notification of the theft, Powell contacted Bedfordshire Police, who worked with Land Rover to track the vehicle to Stebondale Street in East London, approximately 54 miles away from the priority car park.

However, when the Met went to investigate, they could not locate the vehicle.

Land Rover continues to provide daily checks on the tracker for outstanding vehicles, but so far, there has been no response from Powell's car.

APCOA, the firm that owns the car park, has said: “Theft of high-value luxury vehicles via key cloning is a well-documented issue.

"APCOA takes the security of vehicles parked in our car parks very seriously and we have a number of measures in place including CCTV, number plate recognition cameras and regular patrols by parking staff, airport security and police. In addition, vehicle keys are stored securely.

"We have been in contact with Mr Powell to provide information and support and are assisting the police investigation.”

Powell has been left without a car and has been told by the police that they do not expect to find his Range Rover.

His insurance company has provided him with a car for 14 days, but Powell said: "From the second day of my holiday, it's been a nightmare."

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