Brit mum on death row after ‘drugging husband’s curry and then slashing throat’

A British mum is on death row in India after drugging her husband’s curry before murdering him along with a lover.

Ramandeep Kaur Mann secretly added sleeping pills into her husband’s biriyani before waiting for Sukhjit Singh, 34, to fall asleep before slashing his throat.

A court heard the 38-year-old from Derby carried out the brutal murder in a bid to cash in on her husband’s £2million life insurance policy,

The murder took place on September 2, 2016 while the couple were staying at a holiday house in India owned by Sukhjit Singh’s mother.

Mann has since been found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging.

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During the trial, it emerged that Mann had been aided in the murder by a secret lover Gurpreet Singh.

The murder was witnessed by Mann’s nine-year-old son who described waking to see his mother attempting to smother his sleeping father with a pillow.

The son told the court that Gurpreet was let into the home and proceeded to hit Sukhjit on the head with a hammer.

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He said that his mother then took a knife from Gurpreet and cut his father’s throat, according to the Sun.

Government lawyer Shree Pal Verma said: “Gurpreet hit his (the child’s) father twice with a hammer on his head.

“As his father was still alive, Gurpreet took out a knife from his pocket. His mother took the knife from Gurpreet and slit his father’s throat.”

Despite the verdict, Mann maintain her innocence and plans to appeal the court’s decision.

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