Brazil man admits to killing girlfriend, stuffing body in refrigerato

Man, 41, admits to murdering girlfriend and stuffing body inside a refrigerator after she threatened to kill him

  • Giovanni Oliveira told cops in Aparecida de Goiânia, Brazil, that he choked his girlfriend to death because she threatened to cut his ‘head off’
  • The 41-year-old said he killed the woman June 29, but was taken into custody Saturday after police detected his unusual behavior near this home
  • Oliveira led the cops to the home and fled before they discovered the body inside a bag that was hidden in a refrigerator 

A man is in police custody in the central Brazil state of Goiás after he confessed to murdering his girlfriend and hiding the body inside a refrigerator because she allegedly threatened to kill him and rip his head apart.

Giovanni Oliveira killed the woman June 29, but was arrested Saturday near his residence in the municipality of Aparecida de Goiânia after the Military Police had stopped him due to his suspicious behavior when he was seen attempting to hide an unknown object.

The 41-year-old was allowed to walk away after the cops failed to find anything illegal on him. 

However, they became increasingly suspicious when he got nervous over questions regarding the whereabouts of his girlfriend, whom police knew for having broken his ankle monitor device.

Oliveira proceeded by allowing them to enter the home before fleeing from the cops.

Giovanni Oliveira was apprehended Saturday in the central Brazilian city of Aparecida de Goiânia after he confessed to cops that he had murdered his girlfriend and stuffed her body inside a bag that was hidden in a refrigerator. The 41-year-old said that the woman had previously threatened to kill him and take his ‘head off’

Brazilian authorities have yet to release the name of the woman who was choked to death by her boyfriend, Giovanni Oliveira, on June 29 and found hidden in a refrigerator on Saturday 

Military Police agents made the gruesome discovery of a woman’s body stuffed inside a bag in a sealed refrigerator at a home in central Brazil on Saturday

After failing to locate him, the police officers returned to the residence and spotted blood marks splattered across the floor, including near the refrigerator, whose door had a wooden stick over it covered with tape.

They subsequently pried the door open and found the woman’s body inside a black bag.

The cops launched a manhunt and were able to apprehend Oliveira without incident.

When questioned, the suspect calmly admitted that he had ‘put it in the refrigerator.’

‘I packed it in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge,’ he said.

Cops in the central Brazilian municipality of Aparecida de Goiânia escort Giovanni Oliveira after he confessed to murdering his girlfriend

Giovanni Oliveira’s criminal record includes three prior arrests and imprisonment in 2018

Brazilian cops had to remove a wooden stick covered with tape in order to open the refrigerator where a woman’s dead body was found

Oliveira explained that he had no other choice but to kill the woman in self-defense.

‘She threatened to kill me, said she would have my head cut off,’ he said. 

Oliveira, who has three prior arrests, recalled he attempted to stop his girlfriend from walking out of the home when he attacked her.

‘I started to choke her and, when I saw her, I had already hit her head on the ground,’ he said. ‘She was bleeding. Then I left the house and when I came back she was dead.’

Court records reviewed by Brazilian news outlet Metropoles show that Oliveira’s first arrest and conviction came in 2009. He was arrested in 2018 after escaping from Odenir Guimarães Penitentiary and the paroled for good behavior. 

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