Body Language expert warns that furious Putin is in ‘action mode’

As Vladimir Putin angrily raged at the Wagner Group “traitors” that were marching on Moscow, a top body language expert has warned that the Russian leader has never looked more dangerous.

“Putin shows high levels of anger and dislike, Face Whisperer Adrianne Carter told the Daily Star, “There’s also a lot of movement in his body as he speaks, this is a sign of a lot of contained energy”.

She added: “He’s in action mode so beware!”

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In Putin’s unscheduled televised address to the Russian people this morning, he fumed that "everyone who took part" in the Wagner uprising would be punished.

The former KGB officer, who became Russian president in 1999 said the Wagner Group fighters were "lied to and driven to participate in a criminal enterprise".

He added: “I will do everything possible to defend my country….And those who have organised an armed rebellion will be held accountable. Those who have been drawn into this, I call on you to stop your criminal actions.”

Putin warned: "'Any internal mutiny is a fatal threat to Russia. Our response will be harsh". He added that "the appropriate agencies" had already been mobilised to deal with the situation.

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But it’s clear that Prigozhin is equally fired up. “This is not a military coup, but a march of justice,” he insisted as he led his men into Russia.

The Wagner column has already come under fire from Russian helicopters and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov’s notorious Akhmat battalion has reportedly been tasked with blocking Prigozhin’s advance.

Rishi Sunak has commented on the “destabilising” power struggle, which he said had been expected for some time.

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The PM told the BBC: “It’s an evolving situation, and I think the right thing at this juncture is for us to make sure that we’re on top of it, that we’re in touch with our allies, which we are and I’ll be speaking to them later today, and that we call on all parties to exercise responsibility and to protect civilian lives.”

He was evasive when asked whether he had spoken to the Ukraine's president Zelenksyy, saying that contact with all allies “as you would expect us to be coordinated on a situation like this”.

He added that the UK has “had long-standing travel advice against travel to Russia” and “people should keep checking the Foreign Office website for updates”.

NATO has said it was keeping a “close eye” on the fast-developing situation.

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