Blokes swoon over supermarket self-checkout thief after seeing her mugshot

Men are swooning over an alleged supermarket self-checkout thief after her mugshot was posted online.

TeddyJo Marie Fliam, 34, was arrested by police in Michigan, US, after allegedly not scanning items at a Walmart and swapping barcodes on expensive items for those on cheaper ones.

Walmart employees confronted her when they noticed what was happening. She reportedly became agitated and left the shop.

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A review of CCTV allegedly revealed that Fliam had nabbed more than $1,000 (£885) worth of items in the past.

She was arrested at her home and charged with first-degree retail fraud.

Earlier this week, Instagram account "mugshawtys" – which appears to share mugshots of attractive female arrestees – shared an image of Fliam.

The caption read simply: "First degree retail fraud (stole over $1,000 worth of items by not scanning them at self checkout)."

Several men swooned over the image in the comments section.

One wrote: "Add my heart to [the] list of things she stole."

"I’d scan her checkout," another said.

Others called for Fliam to be freed, arguing that stealing from a big corporation such as Walmart "is justified".

One person said: "If its a chain it's free reign."

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A second said: "Billion dollar companies steal from the average person everyday but the moment shawty does the same thing back oooooo now suddenly it’s a crime."

Some jokingly argued that she hadn't even committed a crime.

One said: "So she did the cashier's job and decided to pay herself in merch so you jail her for that?"

Another said: "She just forgot to scan them what's the big deal."


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