Bloke’s 1993 Toyota Corolla to ‘run forever’ as car hits 2,000,000km milestone

A dedicated delivery driver has vowed his modest 1993 Toyota Corolla will “run forever” after it hit an unbelievable 2,000,000km milestone.

Graeme Hebley, from New Zealand, bought the hard-working vehicle back in 2000 and has racked up impressive distances in his job as a newspaper delivery contractor.

The 72-year-old has even admitted that “it might outlast me” as the sturdy machine is still running smoothly despite a huge eight-hour drive between Wellington and New Plymouth in the country's North Island six days every week.

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His Toyota Corolla still has the original transmission and engine despite driving a whopping 5,000km almost every week.

He has credited the machine’s longevity to a regular check-up that sees his vehicle serviced once every two weeks at Guthrie's Auto Care in Whanganui.

Mechanic John Sherman admitted he was in-awe of the car and confirmed Graeme’s record, telling the New Zealand Herald: “If I hadn't worked on it, I wouldn't believe it.

“I wouldn't believe it could do two million without something going wrong. In my whole career, that is the highest I have seen.”

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He added that the closest he had ever got to the record was a vehicle that had reached 700,000 kilometres – less than half of Graeme’s milage.

As well as his customer’s love of the vehicle and dedication to keeping it in good shape, John also credited the reliability of older Toyota vehicles.

Graeme says he has no plans to stop making the lengthy journeys across the country anytime soon and explained: “How could you not love this car? Whatever you do, it just bounces back.”


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