Bloke selling tank on Facebook says perfect for camping or p***ing off neighbour

A bloke selling a 'tank' claimed to be from 1947 has said it is the perfect thing to “p*** off the neighbours.”

Taking to Facebook Marketplace, the bloke posted the unusual find for a very reasonable £3,500, although on closer look it appears to be more of an armoured car.

The monster is up for sale in the Winsford, Glebe Green area between Manchester, Mersyside and Stoke.

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Describing the war machine on the product listing he said: “Something different for your garden or to make a camping pod.

“Or p*** your neighbour off.

“Something different for somebody.

“Will take part [exchange] against 4×4 jeeps…or not or whatever you got”.

With six massive wheels and gun turret on top, it really is the perfect machine for going camping.

In a post that has now been deleted, a Reddit user posted a screen grab of the sale on the discussion thread CasualUK.

In the post, they ironically described the heavy metal bit of kit as “perfect for the shops”.

Facebook Marketplace can be a rather wild place and while there is some exceptional value to had it is also a great way to find things you didn’t even know existed.

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In August of this year, the internet recoiled in horror as a man tried to sell a used Vajankle – a rubber foot and ankle cut off at the shin.

In the stump was a replica of a vagina and inside, a sex toy.

The poster described the product: “Lightly used vajankle, no lowballs I know what I got”.

The following month, in September, a Plymouth man tried to sell his pair of used jeans.

When he went to post images of them he donned the trousers himself and posed with no shirt on.

He went viral shortly afterwards.

When the Daily Star asked him if he was surprised by the popularity of the post, he said: "I was at first but I have always been an outgoing person and I have enjoyed all the attention I have received.

"I have been on two game shows and now have a big following from around the world. This has allowed me to sell my merchandise."

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