Bloke cut in half by forklift in accident ‘constantly asked how he now has sex’

A man who lost the bottom half of his body during a freak construction accident has said that he thinks it’s inappropriate that people always ask him and his girlfriend about their sex life.

Former workman Loren Schauers, 20, from Great Falls in Montana, USA, has been living without his legs and right forearm for the last two-and-a-half years after suffering a horrific accident while working on a bridge with a forklift.

After traffic pushed him too close to the edge of the bridge while he was working on it, Loren fell 50ft and was horrifically crushed by a forklift which severed his forearm and destroyed his lower body.

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The young man then bravely made the decision to allow doctors to perform hemicorporectomy surgery, a major procedure where everything below his waist was amputated, in an attempt to save his life.

Despite the surgery, just over a month after the operation doctors still believed Loren would die.

But he proved doctors wrong, and has since come on leaps and bounds.

Loren shares his YouTube account with his devoted wife Sabia Reiche, 23, who has stayed by his side through all his health problems.

Due to Loren's mobility issues, Sabia has to perform many day-to-day tasks for Loren including changing his colostomy bags and showering him.

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While they love the life they have with each other, the couple say that the question about their sex life annoys them a lot.

Because Loren’s pelvis was completely crushed in the accident, doctors had to remove his genitals.

He previously said that while doctors had made efforts to save some of his sperm, they decided it wasn't “viable” in the end.

Loren's wife Sabia said the question about their sex life was 'disrespectful' in a Q&A.

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"That is a very personal question that we are never going to answer or allude to as it's very disrespectful," she said.

"You wouldn't ask a random couple on the street how they have sex and just because our life circumstances are different, it doesn't give people the right to ask."

The couple have also been very open about the uncertainty of Loren's life expectancy in the past.

Speaking on their YouTube channel, Sabia admitted that due to the severity of Loren's surgery it was 'touch and go'.

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She said: "The average is about 11 years and the record-holder was 24 years. But none of them were in the same situation as Loren.

"If we go off of that we are hoping Loren has 40 plus years left with us”, she said, adding that it was difficult for them to make an accurate prediction as Loren’s case was so rare.

The couple set up a GoFundMe page – which can be found here – to help them pay for a bionic arm that would give Loren more independence, which to date has raised more than $100,000 (£82,000) – 10 times more than their $10,000 (£8,200) target.

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