Bar gets punters in trouble by posting pics when they were meant to be at work

A nightclub managed to get some of its punters in trouble after it shared photos of them partying despite the fact that they were meant to be at work.

Vienna’s, a nightclub in Paisley, Scotland, was forced to issue a light-hearted apology after 34 of its customers messaged their Facebook page and let them know they were in hot water with bosses and spouses.

The club published photos taken at a 1,700-person event hosted on Easter Sunday (April 9) night two days later on Tuesday, landing several people in trouble.

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One very formal customer wrote in, saying: “To whom it may concern, it appears there is a picture of me on your Facebook page, in the Easter Sunday album. I just got a very annoyed message from my wife, asking what I was doing there.”

Another said: “Hey V’s I think there’s been a mistake with your pics from Sunday night. I’m in my bed with Covid and off work. I just got a call off my boss asking if I’m at it. That pic is from February lol. Can you please take it down.”

Thankfully, the nightclub’s managers went about setting the record straight in a tongue in cheek way, releasing a template apology for partygoers to send to bosses, spouses and parents.

The club’s managers said in a statement to the Daily Record: “We would like to make a public apology. On Sunday, April 9, we hosted an amazing Easter event with Clyde 1’s George Bowie. It was the final night of a very busy weekend, where we welcomed over 1,700 guests.

“As always, we have our photographer on hand to create photographic memories with our guests. We received the pictures on Monday night, and posted them on Tuesday. Job done, time to look forward to the upcoming weekend.

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“Unfortunately, our very hard-working social media manager woke up to several messages on Wednesday morning. After some stressful hours trying to figure out what was going on, as well as saving jobs and marriages, we realised that when our (usually amazing) photographer saved the pictures, they merged into a folder with pictures from previous weekends.

“We would like to publicly apologise to the boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, employers, and particularly to one of our guests who is currently in Australia, working hard to provide for his family. Although, we are a tad jealous of where he is.

“Thanks for your understanding in this very, very stressful time. The team at Vienna’s and Blur.”


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