Babysitter ignored woman’s cry for help as husband was being murdered with axe

The daughter of a man murdered in his sleep 33 years ago has called for anyone with information to come forward.

Kevin Childerley was attacked in his bedroom as he slept beside his wife in their Nottingham home on February 19, 1990.

His young daughter was asleep in another room, as was the babysitter, 16.

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A neighbour found Kevin face down, semi-conscious but covered in blood downstairs in the home, and the wife Denise, 32, suffered eye injuries.

But when police arrived, Kevin had died.

It is thought that the attacked her snuck into the house and tried to kill him, and screams of “KEV, HELP!” were heard by those in the area.

The babysitter claimed to have heard the screaming and moaning but went back to sleep as she thought “nothing of it”.

An inquest concluded that he had died from severe head injuries, and a pathologist said that the post-mortem examination found a blood-stained footprint on Kevin's back as well as extensive injuries to his forehead that he thought had been caused by an axe.

He said that he also had a wound to his chin that he thought had been made with a tool such as a chisel.

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It was ruled that, due to a lack of any kind of defensive injuries, he was attacked while he was asleep.

But the person responsible was never found.

However, the daughter Emma was unharmed and spoke out about it today (February 17), now aged 38.

She was aged just five at the time.

Speaking to the BBC, she recalled her memories of that day.

She said: “I just remember being woken up and taken downstairs behind this policeman in the pitch black.

“We didn't put any lights on whatsoever.

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“I was put in the next door neighbour's bed and I remember lying there in my pyjamas.

“I remember the neighbour stroking my hair and crying and obviously I didn't have a clue what was going on.”

She was told a few days later that her dad had died, and told how she “sobbed” for three hours in the bathroom of the home she was staying in.

"I'm told the coffin had to remain closed on the day of his funeral – the wounds were so horrific,” she shockingly said.

“This meant the family never got to say goodbye.

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“It pains me that my dad's last moments on earth were full of agonising pain and suffering, attacked when he was at his most vulnerable, asleep and in his own bed.

"Finding my dad's killer would mean we could finally have some closure – it would mean the world to me.”

Emma now lives in Lancashire, has three children and is a funeral director.

Nottinghamshire Police never closed the investigation, and have called on anyone who knows anything “no matter how small or insignificant” to get in touch.

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