Baba Vanga predicts Putin’s assassination, cancer cure and more in 2024

A famous blind psychic – who has also been dead for 26 years – has predicted Vladimir Putin’s assassination among other world-shaking events.

Despite Baba Vanga being dead for more than 25 years, the blind Bulgarian psychic’s followers say she still had a number of predictions for this year made before her death at 85 years old.

While many trust Vanga’s post-mortem predictions to the letter, it’s possible some were actually created by internet trolls.

In addition, she predicted that a nuclear power plant would explode in 2023 and that the earth would change orbits in the same year causing chaos – obviously, neither prediction has come true with just a month to go.

Here are a few of Vanga’s predictions for 2024…

‘Vladimir Putin will be assassinated’ 

Vladimir Putin will be killed in 2024, according to citing Vanga’s predictions. While last month the Telegram channel General SVR suggested Putin had died, there’s no evidence this actually happened and was using a body double, as the channel claimed.

In fact, the Kremlin responded with a rare denial calling the claim “absurd”. For the moment, it appears the Russian leader is alive, although his Ukraine invasion is flagging putting the dictator in a potentially precarious position.

‘European terror attacks to skyrocket’ 

Baba Vanga made the terrifying prediction that Europe would a sharp rise in terrorism next year and, according to Sky History, a “big country” would launch a bioweapons strike.

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‘Economic crisis in 2024’

The world is headed for another global economic meltdown, or something of the sort, if Baba Vanga’s predictions are to be believed.

Rising debt levels and spiralling global tensions are said to be factors contributing to the supposed financial crisis.

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Villagers visit Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga

‘Cyber-attacks targeting critical infrastructure’

Baba Vanga predicted there would be an increased number of cyber attacks targeting things like powerplants, water supplies and other critical infrastructure.

In 2023, ransomware attacks rocked large companies while there were several cyber attacks on critical infrastructure in Europe and the US.

‘Cancer and Alzheimer’s will be cured in 2024’

Vanga had some good news to go along with her predictions of global crisis – she predicted the cure for cancer and Alzheimer’s would be discovered in 2024.

She also claimed that world hunger will end between 2025 and 2028 while humans will discover time travel in 2304.

Her predictions stopped in 5079 when she believed the universe would end.

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