Andrew Tate charged with rape, human trafficking and organised crime

The controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate has been charged with rape, human trafficking and forming a criminal gang to exploit women. An exhaustive list, published by Romanian prosecutors, detailing the specific charges handed down to Tate, as well as his brother Tristian and two female Romanians, included accusations that the group of four had “constituted an organised criminal group with a view to committing the crime of human trafficking” not only in Romania but in Great Britain and the USA additionally.

It is alleged that the Tate brothers used the “loverboy method” to trick women into thinking they would marry or cohabitate with them, only to subsequently subject them to physical violence, mental coercion and forced labour.


The indictment was published by Romania’s anti-organised crime prosecution’s unit (DIICOT) and details some of the shocking acts the Tate brothers are alleged to have committed.

Andrew Tate has been charged individually with raping one of the victims while Tristan has been charged with instigating others to violence.

The indictment reported that in October 2021, one of the brothers used physical violence to “punish” one of the seven women accusing them of criminal behaviour after she “refused to continue making pornographic material for them … and requested to be allowed to leave the building”.

It said the four defendants used “intimidation, constant surveillance, control and the invocation of alleged debts” to control their victims.

New of the indictment of Tate and his associates came a week after a fourth British woman claimed she was victim of sexual assault by the influencer, alleging the he choked her until she lost consciousness.

The total number of victims involved in the case against the two Tate brothers, as well as Romanian nationals , Luana Radu and Georgiana Naghel, is now seven.

The trial will not start immediately, and could take several years. Under Romanian law, trafficking of adults carries a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

The four were held in police custody from 29 December last year until 31 March before a Bucharest court put them under house arrest.

The case will get sent to the court’s preliminary chamber, where a judge has 60 days to inspect the case files to ensure legality.

The Tate brothers, former kickboxers who have US and British nationality with millions of online followers, are the highest profile suspects to be sent to trial in Romania for human trafficking.

A spokesman for Tate insisted that all sexual acts he had been involved in had been consensual – and that he does not condone violence towards women.

Their assets, including 15 luxury cars, hundreds of thousands of pounds in cryptocurrency, and 15 properties, have been seized.

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