AEW star Saraya ‘f***ing lost it’ with fan after they mocked sex tape leak

AEW star Saraya, formerly known as Paige, says she "f***ing lost it" with a fan who mocked her sex tape leak at an impromptu signing.

The former WWE Women's Champion publicly hit out at "scummy auto sellers" in a furious tweet taking aim at an unnamed person.

Warning she will "not sign s*** for free ever again" for those waiting outside her hotel, the current AEW alumni exploded in a fiery rant where she explained she "f***ing lost it".

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Firing off at a fan who "made fun of my tapes" to an Uber driver was the starting point of a raging Twitter storm that racked up thousands of likes and comments of support.

Saraya wrote: "If you come to my hotel and wait outside of it for me to sign s***. I sign stuff even though I know you sell it.

"I'm nice to you and then say I’ll be back down after glam to take pics, for me to walk inside and for you to then make fun of my tapes to the Uber driver that asked what I did and not realize my make up guy is right there I will f***ing lose it on you.

"Like I just did. Do not disrespect me or any wrestler ever. I will not sign s**t for you for free ever again. EVER. Don’t even ask. I’m done with the scummy auto sellers."

In a further tweet, the wrestler alleged she had a video of the altercation so she can "remember their faces".

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Her anger over the signing situation comes as she rubbishes rumours over a "health issue" preventing her from wrestling.

Explaining she has endometriosis, the current AEW wrestler hit back at those claiming it hindered her ability to wrestle.

She wrote: "I said I have a endometriosis. Which is an issue that women deal with and my stomach balloons up and I don’t wanna put on wrestling gear because it’s noticeable or I try and hide it.

"Jesus f***ing Christ. Doesn't hinder me from wrestling. Stfu."

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