Truss refuses to rule out blackouts at as Brits face outage warning

Starmer pledges state-owned energy firm in conference speech

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Following a stark warning from the National Grid, the Prime Minister has refused to rule out the likelihood of Brits facing blackouts this winter, despite previously being adamant the UK would not have to partake in energy rationing. Speaking in Prague on Thursday at the first European Political Community meeting, Ms Truss held talks with other European leaders about the energy crisis in which she insisted that Britain has a “good supply”.

The Prime Minister added that the UK is in a “much better position than many other countries”.

However, she showed caution over the question of blackouts in the UK this winter amid soaring energy prices and the conflict in Ukraine.

The MP for South West Norfolk said: “What we’re clear about is that we do have a good supply of energy in the UK, we’re in a much better position than many other countries but of course there’s always more we can do.

“I’m always looking for ways that we can improve the price for consumers.”

The National Grid yesterday warned that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has caused “unprecedented turmoil and volatility” in the energy markets.

It added that the conflict in Ukraine may put imports of energy from Europe at risk which would endanger the UK’s energy security.

The company proposed daily three-hour rolling blackouts which would see different areas of the UK impacted at different times.

The National Grid has also launched plans to pay households which have smart meters over £10 per day if they cut their energy usage during peak times.

Meanwhile, according to The Times, Downing Street has stopped a £15 million public information campaign to urge households to limit energy consumption.

The plan was halted after health officials warned it may be detrimental to elderly and vulnerable people after reading warnings to turn down their heating.

However, energy concerns come just weeks after Ms Truss ruled out rationing supplies during the Tory Party leadership contest.

Speaking to LBC host Nick Ferrari at a hustings event in Leeds, Ms Truss unequivocally ruled out the move.

Mr Ferrari asked the then Foreign Secretary about the UK copying France in its warning of having to conserve energy via power cuts.

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He said: “You’ll be aware in France they’ve talked about the possibility of energy rationing, can you rule that out Liz Truss?”

Ms Truss replied: “I do rule that out, yes.”

While the National Grid has said power outages are “unlikely” it maintained that they are possible even if there is not a slow in gas supplies.

Cold weather combined with a lack of European electricity imports and low wind energy generation could lead to such blackouts.

It has been reported that in the event of planned power cuts, the elderly and the vulnerable would be given priority along with some businesses.

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