Tory MP who bought counterfeit stamps from Amazon wants action

A Conservative MP who accidentally purchased counterfeit stamps on Amazon wants the National Crime Agency to take action.

South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay was shocked to discover that stamps he ordered using the online retail giant were forgeries.

The fake stamps replicate genuine stamps in meticulous detail.

Mr Mackinlay’s suspicions were raised when he noticed a Chinese supplier address on the delivery envelope so he sent the specimens to the Royal Mail for forensic analysis.

Amazon says it has now taken action against the “third-party seller” but the MP wants criminal charges to be considered under anti-counterfeiting laws.

He said: “I am astonished that Amazon, now an entrenched retailer with annual turnover of £25billion in the UK alone, continues to facilitate the distribution of counterfeit postage stamps. This adds to similar reports of other counterfeit goods being sold through the site…”

“The corporate giant will doubtless try to hide behind the argument that they are a mere ‘facilitator’, but such a global company simply cannot offer products, take their margin and walk away.”

Amazon is working with the Royal Mail to improve ways that fake stamps can be detected.

A spokesman said: “Amazon strictly prohibits counterfeit products in our stores, and we have proactive systems and teams, dedicated to protecting our store from counterfeit and other forms of abuse.”

In the rare case that a customer purchases an item that Amazon detects to be counterfeit, we proactively contact the customer and refund their purchase.

“We have removed the product in question and taken action against the third-party seller.”

A spokesman for Royal Mail said: “Royal Mail monitors online marketplaces to detect suspicious activity, such as sales of stamps at high levels of discount. Where suspicious merchandise is on sale online we contact the appropriate platform to request its immediate removal.”

“Where appropriate, we will investigate further and liaise with law enforcement authorities. Royal Mail strongly recommends that customers only buy their stamps from reputable Royal Mail approved outlets.”

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