Tory MP distances herself from ‘misogynistic dinosaurs’ minority smearing party image

Misogynistic MP's don't represent majority of parliament says Tory

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The Conservative MP claimed only a small number of MPs have been involved in misogynistic behaviour in the Houses of Parliament. Michelle Donelan stressed the issue of sexism in Parliament does not lie solely with her party and is a house-wide issue. The MP for Chippenham denied she had experienced misogyny in her own political career but acknowledged the accusations made by her female colleagues.

LBC host Andrew Castle said: “Obviously Michelle, as you’re doing the rounds this morning, people will be very keen to get your view on what it’s like to be a woman and a Conservative at the moment when one of your colleagues has just been surfing porn and had to resign.”

“Your head must drop when you see stories like this – did you know the man?”

Ms Donelan confirmed: “I did know him.

“I was as appalled as you were and as shocked as you were.


“I’ve been a member of Parliament for almost seven years now. I haven’t been the victim of any of these kind of instances, I haven’t experienced sexual harassment in Parliament or misogyny in Parliament.”

The Conservative MP acknowledged: “I know other women are coming forward and saying that they have.

“I think the key thing here to point out is this isn’t a party political issue.

“This is the minority, these are misogynistic dinosaurs that do not represent the majority of members of Parliament who are working really hard day in and day out for their constituents.

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The revelations surrounding MPs emerged after Deputy Labour Leader Angela Rayner was accused of using a ‘Basic Instinct’ ploy to distract Boris Johnson during Prime Minister’s questions.

Since the report has received extensive criticism, numerous other female MPs have spoken out regarding their personal experiences of sexism within Parliament.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan alleged she had been “pinned up against a wall by a male MP” during her time in Parliament.

She also described the “wandering hands” of other male colleagues and suggested many more MPs were involved in sexist behaviour.

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Neil Parish, Conservative MP for Tiverton and Honiton, resigned from his position after allegations surfaced that he watched porn in the House of Commons.

The Tory MP claimed the first instance was accidental but admitted he deliberately viewed pornography in Parliament on a second occasion.

Mr Parish described his actions as a “moment of madness,” and he has since been suspended from the Conservative party.

The MP claimed he had “one of the best reputations ever” and denied watching the content with misogynistic intentions. 


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