Tories ‘need to open their ears not their wallets’ to win next election

Nigel Farage gives verdict on local elections

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party lost 48 councils and over 1,000 seats in England’s local elections last week, allowing for Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party to become the largest in local Government.

Mr Sunak said the results were “disappointing” but said he did not see “a massive groundswell of movement towards the Labour Party or excitement for its agenda”.

With a general election due to be called next year, Sir Keir said the “fantastic” results put his Party on course to oust the Conservative Government.

He told supporters in Medway in Kent, where Labour gained overall control: “Make no mistake, we are on course for a Labour majority at the next general election.”

However, a new poll has found some 54 percent of readers think there is still hope for the Tories.

In a poll that ran from midday on Saturday, May 6, to 8.45am on Thursday, May 11, asked readers: “Do you think there’s still hope for the Tories after local election drubbing?”

A total of 7,395 readers responded with the majority, 54 percent (4,029 people) answering “yes” there is, compared to 43 percent (3,185 people) who said “no”. Just three percent (181 people) said they did not know.

Thousands of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers took part in a lively debate.

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Many readers thought that the Conservative Party still had hope, with username bulldogkevin2 writing: “Considering the alternative, yes.”

Likewise, username deepwater guy said: “If they start to open their ears instead of their wallets, there may be a chance of getting back in power.”

However, other readers were more critical of the Party’s performance in the local elections and thought their time in power was over. Username democracyisashellgame commented: “They’re a dead party walking.”

While username Alibong wrote: “The members have left in their droves and the voters stayed away because the Party failed to listen and is still deaf.”

And username Euparadise added: “The public has had enough of the Tories.”

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