Sunak mocks Starmer’s knighthood after Labour leader’s attack on honours list

Rishi Sunak turned fire on Keir Starmer amid a PMQs row about Boris Johnson’s honours list, mocking his own knighthood. 

Sir Keir asked why the PM hadn’t blocked the awards handed out by Boris Johnson, accusing some of them of partying the night before Prince Philip’s funeral. 

However Rishi Sunak pointed out he pointed out due process and convention in refusing to block any names. 

“Prime Ministers of both parties have always upheld the convention of non-interference on political honours.

“My predecessors may not have agreed with Labour’s choices of Tom Watson or Shami Chakrabarty, but the same precedent stood then as it does now. 

“I’d expect a knight like him to understand that”. 

He sat down to cheers, laughs and heckles from Tory backbenchers. 

An embarrassed Keir Startmer replied that honours should be for “public servants, not Tory cronies”. 

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