‘She’s got to go!’ Former ally joins Tory coup against PM

Liz Truss commits to triple lock on pensions during PMQs

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The Prime Minister is now facing calls to resign from former staunch allies. Lord Frost, former chief Brexit negotiator, announced this morning that Ms Truss should resign “if the Tory party is to have any chance of recovering”. He had previously been a staunch ally of Ms Truss, backing her for leader from early on in the race. But that has changed in the past few days, as he warns of a “hostile takeover” from opponents within the Tory party and rages that there is “no mandate” for the current policy shift. Writing in the Telegraph, he said: “That’s the situation the Government now finds itself in. As Suella Braverman made so clear this afternoon, the Government is implementing neither the programme Liz Truss originally advocated nor the 2019 manifesto. It is going in a completely different direction. We are back to Osbornomics, the continuity Hammond view of the world. There is no shred of a mandate for this. It’s only happening because the Truss Government messed things up more badly than anyone could have imagined, and enabled a hostile takeover by its opponents.”


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