Sacked minister Michael Gove spotted partying in an Ibiza nightclub

Michael Gove's sacking went down 'badly' reveals expert

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The ex-Minister for Levelling Up was seen out at a bar in the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, one of the Spanish holiday island’s top dance venues. Mr Gove, MP for Surrey Heath since 2005, last week backed Rishi Sunak in the race to No10 against Liz Truss.

Laid off by outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson last month, Mr Gove has twice run to be leader of the Conservative party.

But this time, the 55-year-old chose not to join the leadership contest.

As he endorsed the former Chancellor, Mr Gove took the chance to warn he believed Ms Truss’s refusal to offer more support over rising energy bills and to just focus on tax cuts marked a “holiday from reality”.

Writing in the Times, Mr Gove said he believes Sunak “makes the right arguments” even though many people expected the Foreign Secretary to win.

He also said he did not expect to be made minister again.

Arguing that millions of people and large numbers of businesses could be financially crippled by high energy costs, the Tory wrote the new Government needed to have a reasonable economic plan.

He said: “And here I am deeply concerned that the framing of the leadership debate by many has been a holiday from reality.”

Criticising Ms Truss’s pledge that she would reduce national insurance and resist most forms of direct help, he continued: “The answer to the cost of living crisis cannot be simply to reject further ‘handouts’ and cut tax.

“Proposed cuts to national insurance would favour the wealthy, and changes to corporation tax apply to big businesses, not small entrepreneurs.”

He added: “I cannot see how safeguarding the stock options of FTSE 100 executives should ever take precedence over supporting the poorest in our society, but at a time of want, it cannot be the right priority.”

“In contrast, I believe Rishi makes the right arguments.”

But leaving the fate of the Conservative Party to one side, Mr Gove made his way to the Mediterranean holiday hotspot with his children Beatrice and William.

The five-starred hotel, its owners claim, offers VIP treatment, adding that guests can expect to be “surrounded by beautiful people” and “international celebrities”.

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The former cabinet minister has previously been spotted enjoying himself at a party.

In August 2021, he was filmed giving it his all in a nightclub in Aberdeen, where he grew up.

Footage of him filmed by a fellow clubber at 1.15am on a summery Saturday night at Bohemia, above O’Neill’s bar, circulated on the internet.

He reportedly stayed until at least 2.30am and tried to avoid a £5 entrance fee by stating he was the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

Adam Taylor, the manager of that night’s party, told the Daily Record: “He was saying he shouldn’t have to pay because he is the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

“I told him that my co-manager, Nina Stanger, was upstairs playing Jungle and going hard. Michael said, ‘I love dancing’ – and did he ever.”

Friends of Mr Gove denied he had attempted to avoid paying.

The snap of the sacked Tory’s fun in Spain comes after Mr Johnson was spotted holidaying in Greece with wife Carrie Johnson last week.

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab, a martial arts enthusiast, was filmed dabbling in a spot of Laser Quest in Horsham, West Sussex, on Wednesday.

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