Robert Jenrick says ‘no further concessions’ on Illegal Migration Bill

The immigration minister said the Government will not offer any more compromises or concessions to peers on the Illegal Migration Bill.

The legislation will place a legal duty on officials to detain and deport those arriving illegally either to Rwanda or another “safe” third country.

The Lords on Wednesday passed eight amendments giving victims of modern slavery greater protection and fast-tracking new legal routes to the UK.

But Mr Jenrick said the Government will try to overturn the changes in the Commons next week.

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He said Europe is facing an “era of mass migration” and our neighbours should work together, building relationships with countries like Turkey and Tunisia to combat the crisis.

Mr Jenrick said: “It’s incumbent on those who choose to criticise our approach to provide an alternative.

“It’s not a serious or grown-up way to conduct a debate to say, ‘Well we have concerns about Rwanda,’ ‘We don’t like the compliant environment,’ ‘We don’t want this, we don’t want to,’ but not to come up with an alternative.”

The first asylum barge, the Bibby Stockholm, is due in Weymouth next week. But the first migrants are not expected until “later this month”.

The Home Office said those on board would be “non-detained”, with no curfew, but would have to comply with port security.

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