Rishi Sunak should cancel Boris Johnson’s resignation honours list, Britons fume

Jacob Rees-Mogg defends ‘diligent’ Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is facing calls to delay or cancel Boris Johnson’s resignation honours list after he was referred to police over new Partygate allegations.

The former Prime Minister’s list of around 50 nominations is thought to be nearing approval. But MPs have urged Mr Sunak to intervene and halt its progression.

Labour’s Deputy Leader Angela Rayner warned: “With the disgraced former prime minister now facing new allegations and under multiple investigations, there should be no question of Rishi Sunak approving honours for his cronies and cheerleaders.”

Liberal Democrat chief whip Wendy Chamberlain said: “The days of exiting prime ministers nominating peers should be left in the past, particularly when they leave under a cloud of scandal like Boris Johnson. At the very least, Rishi Sunak must step in and delay this list while Johnson is under police investigation.”

A new Express.co.uk poll has shown more than three in five readers agree that Mr Sunak should take action.

In response, Express.co.uk ran a poll from 11am on Thursday, May 25, to midday on Friday, May 26, asking readers: “Should Rishi Sunak cancel Boris Johnson’s resignation honours list?”

Overall, 3,037 readers cast their votes with the vast majority, 62 percent (1,883 people) answering “yes”, compared with 38 percent (1,140 people) who said “no”. A further 14 people said they did not know.

Dozens of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers debated whether Mr Johnson should be allowed to make recommendations.

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Many readers argued that Mr Sunak should cancel his predecessor’s honours list, with username thisisit writing: “Yes, disgraced prime minister Boris Johnson shouldn’t be allowed to nominate anyone.”

Similarly, username jacobreesmarley said: “In itself, the concept of a resignation honours list is ludicrously antiquated and undemocratic. But to allow a disgraced former prime minister, sacked by his own party for his risible behaviour, to ennoble his friends and family is as troubling as it is offensive.”

Others agreed that the honours system was no longer fit for purpose. Username obiwanscoobiedoo remarked: “Politicians should have no say in who gets honours.”

And username RnR added: “All resignation honours lists should be cancelled. It is a corrupt tradition.”

It is customary for outgoing prime ministers to grant resignation honours to former advisors and aides.

Some readers thought that Mr Johnson was deserving of making such nominations and that his list should not be cancelled, like username ColinKnight, who remarked that “it would set a very bad precedent”.

Likewise, username justmy2cents said: “No absolutely not. As a former prime minister, he has every right to submit a list of candidates for honours.”

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