Rep McCaul to Dems: If you're 'really serious' about infrastructure bill, 'don't muck it up'

Biden pulling troops from Afghanistan with ‘lack of planning’: Rep. McCaul

Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, suggests the Biden administration is making critical foreign policy moves without any preparation

Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, had a message for Democrats on Sunday, stating that an infrastructure bill could become a reality if they focus on traditional goals instead of extending their reach to liberal agenda items.

In a conversation with “Fox News Sunday,” McCaul said that he believes infrastructure is a bipartisan issue. He added that the best chance to get something done is through an agreement between the White House and the Senate, blaming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for hurting the cause by blocking a vote on a bipartisan bill.

“I think what the House, what Pelosi put forward was a totally partisan measure,” McCaul said. “You know, one out of every two dollars went to the Green New Deal; totally unacceptable to Republicans.”

Republicans for months have taken issue with attempts by Democrats to stretch the infrastructure bill to cover programs such as paid leave and child care.

“You know if you’re really serious about this, let’s look at traditional infrastructure and that is roads, bridges, rural broadband … and not muck it up with things that have nothing to do with infrastructure,” McCaul said.

Even if the final bill does focus on traditional infrastructure, however, Democrats are hoping to pass the rest of their agenda through budget reconciliation which cannot be blocked by a filibuster. McCaul is worried that this would lead to significant tax increases.

“This is the Trojan horse syndrome that I think we’re most worried about,” he said.

McCaul touched on a number of other topics during Sunday’s interview including President Biden’s plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. The Republican congressman warned that this could end up setting the region back decades by allowing terror organizations to grab power, forcing the U.S. to return.

“You may be doing this for political purposes but at some point our vital interests are ISIS and Al Qaeda, and we are going to give them a safe haven as the Taliban takes over that nation and that vacuum is going to be filled with terrorists,” McCaul said. “And my concern is that we will be going back.”

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