Rachel Reeves squirms over David Lammy cosying up to Palestine chief

Rachel Reeves put on spot over David Lammy Palestine fringe event

Rachel Reeves was put on the spot this morning over David Lammy being due to speak at a Labour Party conference fringe event alongside a Palestinian diplomat who said the attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists was “coming their way”.

Husam Zomlot, the head of the Palestinian Mission to the UK, is scheduled to appear with the Shadow Foreign Secretary at Labour Friends of Palestine’s reception tonight.

The Shadow Chancellor was grilled by Sky News host Kay Burley over whether Mr Lammy was still expected to share a platform with Mr Zomlot.

Ms Reeves said: “Look I’m very upset about those remarks. Israel and the attacks on civilians, the festival goers, and the children who are being taken hostages it is completely unacceptable.

“Keir, David, myself, the whole of the Labour Party stand by the people of Israel at this moment.”

The Sky News presenter pressed: “But should David Lammy, who is potentially the next foreign secretary, be appearing on a stage with the Palestinian ambassador to the UK who says…”

Ms Reeves interrupted: “I don’t know.”

Burley went on: “Let me finish the question. So many people were murdered, slaughtered, in cold blood.

“This Palestinian ambassador said it was ‘coming their way’. Is it in any way appropriate that your would-be foreign secretary is sharing a stage with him?”

The Labour frontbencher said: “I don’t know what David’s schedule is for conference, I haven’t heard those remarks but they are totally unacceptable and we disagree with them entirely.”

Burley asked: “Would you implore David not to share a stage with him?”

Ms Reeves replied: “Look I don’t know what David’s schedule is, I don’t know whether this man is at our conference. #

“But David has been very clear and unequivocal about Labour’s support for Israel, the people of Israel, their right to defend themselves, their right to protect civilians, their right to get hostages back. We’ve been absolutely categorical about that.”

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