Plans for Boris Johnson’s dad Stanley to receive knighthood scrapped

Stanley Johnson slams ‘stitch up’ over Boris comeback

Hated plans for Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley, to be given a knighthood have been ditched amid continuing rows about the former Prime Minister’s resignation honours.

Mr Johnson’s list of awards, including royal gongs and new members of the House of Lords, could be published as early as today, after months of speculation about who the former PM has listed.

It’s expected Stanley Johnson, a former MEP and environmental campaigner, will no longer be given a knighthood after No. 10 raised objections.

Allies of Rishi Sunak had warned of the “repetitional cost” of giving such an honour to Boris Johnson’s father, especially given Mr Johnson already elevated his MP brother Jo to the House of Lords in July 2020.

Labour leader Keir Starmer previously blasted the nomination as “absolutely outrageous”.

He said: “The idea that Boris Johnson is nominating his dad for a knighthood – you only need to say it to realise just how ridiculous it is.

“It’s classic of a man like Johnson. I mean, I think the public will just think this is absolutely outrageous. The idea of an ex-Prime Minister bestowing honours on his dad – for services to what?”

A poll conducted by in March saw readers slam the proposed knighthood, with just 12 percent backing the move and 87 percent opposing it.

It’s also understood that Rishi Sunak will move to prevent a by-election crisis, by blocking two out of four nominations Boris Johnson had submitted to elevate Tory MP allies to the House of Lords.

While Nigel Adams and Alister Jack have made the cut, Alok Sharma – the former COP26 President – and Nadine Dorries – the ex-Culture Secretary in Boris Johnson’s government – will not enter the House of Lords at this time.

Both Sir Alok and Nadine Dorries represent trickier seats for the Tories to defend in by-elections.

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Alok Sharma’s Reading West seat is expected to fall to Labour, and while Nadine Dorries’ Mid Bedfordshire seat is likely to remain Tory at a General Election the LibDems have been speaking up their chances of taking it in a by-election.

It’s thought both Sharma and Dorries will receive their peerages, but at a later date, with No. 10 resubmitting them to the Lords Appointments Committee to delay them appearing on today’s list.

Despite the three high-profile changes, it’s still thought Mr Johnson’s resignation honours list is 50-strong.

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The list had faced wider objections, but Rishi Sunak concluded Boris Johnson was entitled to the traditional resignation list.

Liz Truss is also expected to hand out gongs, after just 49 days as Prime Minister.

It’s understood she wants to appoint at least four new members of the House of Lords, something a former Truss advisor told the Express was a “disgrace”.

She is also expected to ask for up to 12 knighthoods and honours for aids who advised her in Government and helped her win the Premiership over Rishi Sunak.

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