No Labels Party becomes Colorado’s latest official political party

No Labels Colorado, the local branch of a national political effort intended to appeal to “commonsense solutions” over partisanship, has officially qualified to become Colorado’s sixth minor political party, the Secretary of State’s Office announced Tuesday.

The party submitted more than 11,800 valid signatures in early January to support its establishment as a minor political party in Colorado, slightly over the 10,000 threshold. No Labels filed a petition to begin the process in November, according to a press release from the Secretary of State. It now joins five other groups as minor parties in the state, including the American Constitution Party, Approval Voting Party, Green Party, the Libertarian Party and the Unity Party.

The distinction means that No Labels can “now nominate candidates for offices in general elections, instead (of) having candidates petition on to the ballot,” Roger Hutson, the state co-chair of the party, said in an emailed press release.

The Colorado Democratic and Republican parties are the state’s only two major political parties.

No Labels, which Hutson said was founded in 2010, describes itself on its website as committed “to the fundamental beliefs that have historically united Americans and provided a common understanding of who we are and where we hope to go.”

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