Nigel Farage was recommended for a knighthood by Boris Johnson but was ‘blocked’

Rishi Sunak questioned about Nigel Farage Coutts scandal

Nigel Farage has been recommended for a knighthood “at least five times” but has been consistantly blocked by the “establishment” dominated committee of civil servants who have to approve honours, has learnt.

It is understood the last person to put Mr Farage’s name forward for an honour many believe he deserves was Boris Johnson while he was Prime Minister, only for the shadowy figures rubberstamp recommendations to snub the former Brexit and UKIP party leader.

The revelations are the latest chapter in what one ally of the GB New host described as “the establishment’s ongoing war of revenge against Nigel” for delivering Brexit.

It comes in a week dominated by revelations of how NatWest bank bosses decided to cancel Mr Farage’s accounts with Coutts bank (part of the NatWest group) because his political views on Brexit and the culture wars did not align with theirs.

For many, Mr Farage is the most influential politician of the last 20 years and was pivotal in delivering the historic EU referendum victory for Leave. But while dozens of little-known MPs have been awarded knighthoods, Mr Farage has consistently been snubbed.

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A source told “Nigel would never make a fuss about it, but I think he would appreciate some recognition for what he has done.

“There has been no more influential politician in Britain in the last 20 years than him and what he has achieved in changing this country for the better is really quite astonishing.”

The source added: “He has certainly been nominated for a knighthood now at least five times.

“The last person to do it was Boris Johnson, who I think always had a sneaking admiration for Nigel, but even he was blocked.”

Mr Farage agreed to stand down candidates in Tory-held constituencies in the 2019 election which allowed Mr Johnson to get the biggest Conservative majority since Margaret Thatcher in 1987.

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While no honours were part of the discussion it is understood after the election, senior Conservatives acknowledged that “we owe Nigel a debt and need to see him right.”

The nomination for the knighthood was understood to have been made in the first honours list after election but was blocked.

All awards have to be approved by the honours committee who are also understood to have turned down some of Mr Johnson’s in his resignation list – including a knighthood for his father Stanley.

The main committee is most populated by senior civil servants or former Whitehall mandarins including the Cabinet Secretary as well as chairs of public bodies.

The source said: “It’s an establishment club packed with Remainers. They will never let Nigel get any credit for what he has done.

“And as we have seen with Coutts, that class of people also appear to be bent on revenge.”

After NatWest and former BBC journalist Jon Sopel all apologised to Nigel Farage today, Reform UK leader Richard Tice tweeted: “Once again Nigel has changed the course of history. I have not heard of his knighthood yet, but there is still time.”

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