Liz Truss amazes BBC’s Jo Coburn with unexpected skill – WATCH

Liz Truss identifies tree leaves in unearthed clip

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Liz Truss has managed to impress many conservative voters on the way to winning the Conservative Party leadership election on Monday, but an unearthed episode of BBC’s Daily Politics show has shown a light on one of the incoming Prime Minister’s little-known talents. Ms Truss left BBC presenter Jo Coburn in the recently resurfaced clip when asked to take party in a light-hearted game linking trees with their leaves. 

Ms Coburn asked the Conservative MP: “Can you tell us what leaf that is from and what tree it comes from?

“That’s a horse chestnut leaf,” replied Ms Truss. 

“Oh, well done. Point number one. Correct. Let’s move on,” said Ms Coburn. 

In the second round, Ms Truss took little time in naming the leaf, “I believe that’s an oak leaf,” she offered. 

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“You’re just too good at this,” noted the host of BBC Politics.

“All right. We’re not catching her out just yet, and let’s try the third one.”

Shown the third picture, Ms Truss responded: “I think this has been increased in size, but I think it’s a Roman or a mountain ash.”

“That’s very synastry I mean, you may be more specific for me no more detail about it. 

Liz Truss becomes the next Prime Minister

The clip has been unearthed and shared widely on social media as Ms Truss emerged as the winner in the contest to replace the scandal-plagued Boris Johnson as Tory leader on Monday, having beaten Rishi Sunak in the poll of party members.

She will travel to Balmoral on Tuesday to meet the Queen for the formal handover of power.

Ms Truss will be the third woman the monarch has appointed to the country’s top job during her reign, following Mrs Thatcher and Theresa May.

The 47-year-old has sought to portray herself as the tax-cutting heir to the Iron Lady, who governed from 1979 to 1990.

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Ms Truss channelled the Tory grandee in numerous photo ops as Foreign Secretary, donning military gear and perched on a tank in one that echoed an image of Mrs Thatcher in a tank in West Germany in 1986.

But critics including rival Rishi Sunak have branded her polices the opposite of Thatcherism, saying they fail to meet the rapidly worsening cost-of-living crisis.

Mrs May became the UK’s second female prime minister in July 2016 in the wake of the Brexit vote, more than a quarter of a century after Mrs Thatcher stood down.

Her premiership ended in 2019 after she endured a torrid time dogged by the issue of Brexit. She was succeeded by Mr Johnson.

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